In the year 1963 Andrew Evans a young boy of twelve years witnessed his first car racing event. The race he witnessed was a Can-Am race. The race had captivated his mind and then and there he decided to become a racecar driver. This was the dream of many, but only a few like Evans were able to convert this dream into reality.

Almost all new comers had to pay their dues before they could become professional races. Paying their dues meant that they had to prove themselves. This was not an easy task as they had to transport their cars from one race track to another. They had to finance this from their own pockets. Keeping their engines in top shape was another problem they had to deal with. They had also had to fulfill their administrative duties that they had to fulfill themselves. Andrew Evans did all this by himself.

Andrew Evans saw an opportunity to finance his racing career by repairing engines. So he started an engine restoration firm called Scandia Engineering. This firm allowed him to stay up to date with the automotive industry and continue with his racing career.

After sweating and toiling for years he was able to become a professional racecar driver. He accepted into the ranks by the International Motor Sports Association. This event took place in the year 1990. The association saw him as an upcoming racecar driver. So he was allowed to race on many famous tracks around the world.

He soon felt the need to form a team of his own. This he did in the year 1994. He called it Team Scandia. The next thing he did was convince some of the top class drivers to join his racing team. Once he did this, his team was a force to reckon with.

Marilyn Sharon has worked in the auto racing field for many years. She has written articles on the auto racing. She has done quite an extensive research into Andrew Evans.

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