Blogging is on something of an unstoppable trajectory. Since the arrival of the Internet, diaries were cast aside in favour of a platform that not only allowed people to record their thoughts, memories and plans quickly and easily but also allowed them to share these with people from all over the globe. The majority of us will have read or know someone who writes a blog. But if you are yet to get started but are keen to discover the benefits and enjoyment that blogging can bring, here's a short guide on how to get started.

Choose a topic you enjoy: There really is nothing worse than trying to write about subject you have no interest in. Saying that, you needn't necessarily know much about the subject of your blog – some of the world's most successful bloggers have made their name by charting their experiences as they learn a new skill or embrace a completely different way of life. It is important, however, that you will get enjoyment from writing your blog so picking a topic that is exciting, intriguing and interesting is a good start as this will shine through in your writing.

Make time for your blog: Like the best laid plans of mice and men, many people will start a blog with high expectations and then fail to maintain it or sustain the level of enthusiasm and investment they did when they first began. Blogging needn't be a daily activity, nor does it even have to be weekly. Working out a regular schedule that works for you, however, ensures that blogging becomes a way of life and you are at least guaranteeing some semblance of regular, even semi-regular, content for any readers of your blog.

Carve your niche: The best and most popular blogs are those that are unique – individuals that have carved their way by looking at life from a different perspective or providing content on a topic that could be considered ‘niche'. So whether your blog focuses on ‘Grooming techniques for long haired small dog breeds', ‘Vegetable growing in a high rise apartment building' or even an industry specific topic like an HR blog; find a niche topic you are interested in and the readers will follow.

Starting your own blog can be an exciting time so follow the short guide above to get you started and let your creative juices flow and who knows, before long you might be blogging professionally!

Mary McGee is an expert in writing online.

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