Blogging can be an effective tool for helping increase sales for your business and encourage repeat customers. A blog is a tool to converse with your customers in a non-threatening way that allows them a peek into your company without bombarding them with emails and gives them updates about what's new.


There are many creative ways to promote your business without spending a ton of money on advertising. Through a blog, you can engage your customers attention by updating them about your business, including new arrivals, new policies, and news in general. If your web site doesn't change often enough, there's no attraction for customers to return. If they don't come to your site, they may not remember you when they need something new that you sell, let alone end up buying something they didn't realize they even needed. Showcasing new content keeps customers interested in your business.


Customers enjoy the personal touch of a blog. Instead of only focusing on technical issues and marketing, utilize this opportunity to interest customers in a behind the scenes look at what goes on in your company. Write up funny stories and use employees' real names. Without getting too touchy-feely, give your customers a glimpse of the real side of your business. This builds up your relationship and strengthens your connection. This, ultimately, is what makes a customer on time into a customer for life – someone that will shop by you through every season and tell her friends about you.


If you don't have time or don't write well, consider hiring an outsider to take care of your blog. It's easy to find freelancers, so you needn't worry about finding extra money for a new employee. It won't run you too much money, and you can focus on other parts of your business that only you can handle. Many writers are highly experienced in this type of work, and if you give them a general topic or some specific idea they can run with it and create effective written materials at a low cost. If you are able to do it yourself, it only take a small amount out of your day slotted for a blog.


Choose from all sorts of topic related to your dropship business – new products, a new brand you're carrying, the history of your business or one of your signature brands, company information, employees, industry news, and so forth. There are always subjects to write about that will interest customers.

Etty Fhima is a small business coach at She loves to share her years of experience with others to help them succeed in their businesses.

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