More and more large companies are using blogs to stir up interest in their products or services, and it's working to their advantage. But for the small business it's essential; especially those without a website.

A blogsite is a website with benefits. Aside from being an economic option a blog is easily updatable; you can blog about new products, promote improved services, talk about projects you've completed. And blogs are interactive, so your customers (and potential customers) can make comments, ask questions and offer suggestions.

Don't stress out about posting something new every day. Fresh, new content is fabulous and will help the search engines find you but if it feels overwhelming set a goal that feels more do-able. Make a decision to post something new, or link to something helpful, once a week. That doesn't sound so difficult, does it? You should be able to create a post in half an hour, forty-five minutes at most. It's a small weekly time investment that can reap big benefits in promoting your business.

Five simple subjects for your once-a-week blogsite posts:

1. You've completed a project for a client; maybe you're a contractor and you've just finished a kitchen remodel; maybe you're a bookkeeper and you've organized a client's accounts receivables. Whatever your business you've had some successes lately. Write a short blog post about one of them and show people your value.
2. What sets your business apart from others in your field? Your attention to detail? Your staff? Your communication skills? Tell people about it. They want to know what you can do for them.
3. Give away a secret. Tell people how to do something that you get paid for; if you're a painter tell them how best to paint a corner, if you're a meeting planner tell them where to buy unusual party favors. Helping people gives you credibility.
4. Search your archives for articles, letters, proposals you wrote in the past and repurpose the content into a blog post. Be sure to update it if it's really old and check for spelling and grammar.
5. Look for content online that mirrors what you do. Original content is best but finding great resources is a great way to help out your readers and will keep them coming back. Don't plagiarize though. Be sure to give credit where credit is due.

Samantha Hoffman is a writer, a tech geek, a blogging queen, an instructor, a freelance personal assistant, a personal chef, a runner, a reader, a film buff, a wine enthusiast, a foodie, a CASA volunteer, an animal lover, a sister, a friend, a lover of life.

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