Enjoy reading a church Reformation Christian blog on the end time church. The Reformation that is taking place in the beautiful body of Christ is offering recovery and restoration to believers. Learn more about the recovery and restoration available to you in this season and time.


Enjoy reading a church Reformation Christian blog concerning the end time church. All of the earth groans and awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. It is time for the body of Christ to receive a Reformation in our mindsets that will result in new positions of unity and oneness. A pastors blog provides deep insight into the heart of a shepherd. Jesus Christ is our shepherd and it his desire that a sheep be cared for. The shepherd's heart cares for the one lost lamb leaving the 99 sheep safely within the fold to search for the lost lamb. The shepherd's heart allows him to take the time to pick ticks from the hair the sheep, washing them and providing all that they need for nutrition and health. It is the shepherd's heart that is shared in this Christian blog post entitled, "The Next Reformation Part Two, Free Enough to Love." The ongoing series of grace blogs give insight into the move of God that is taking place in the body of Christ. This move is a move of Reformation which is bringing restoration to the body of Christ.


Are you free enough to love? It is a. In time where God is calling us into a deep place of intimacy; it is time to know the voice of God the father, the Holy Ghost, and Jesus Christ. Begin cultivating your own relationship with the Godhead. Personal stories sharing insightful spiritual truths are available through the Christian article posted on the pastors blog. Receive new levels of faith and encouragement to believe in this season. Hearing the voice of God is critical for our success as believers. The voice of God is rich in the body of Christ today. You can learn to hear his voice clearly through the training and maturity offered through a pastors blog. Many changes are taking place throughout the world. Fear has gripped the heart of many. Economic challenges, earthquakes, family concerns, and more may have caused you to lose faith and grab hold of fear. It's time to shake free of the grasp of fear and to step into a mindset that is free from bondage.


The Reformation taking place in the body of Christ is widespread. This Reformation is challenging believers to become one with the word of God, to believe the word of God, and to step out in faith on the promises provided in the word of God. The arm of God is not too short to save. You can experience the deliverance power provided through his loving son, Jesus Christ. Enjoy reading a Christian article posted on the Christian blog that will challenge you to drop unhealthy mindsets and grab hold of the integrity of your faith. Drop the weights that would hinder you from running a smooth race and receive the care provided by a loving shepherd. Hebrews 12:1 speaks of sin that easily trips us up. This type of sin is similar to ticks found on sheep. Allow your sovereign and loving heavenly father to remove those unhealthy ticks from your mindsets through the assistance of a pastors blog. God has a plan for your future that includes prosperity and hope. Break free from discouragement today and receive the helping hand of a strong, mature believer by reading a Christian blog.


Bumponablog.com is an excellent source for Christian blogs and is designed to encourage pastors, church leaders, and all believers to continue fighting for the cause of their Faith. Author Bump Lumpkin delivers a fresh perspective through his creative use of the Christian blog.

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