With conservative blogs increasing in popularity and growing in membership, more people are tuning into hear the alternative ideas and downplayed values. Today's all stars in the conservative political realm include big names likes Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Lindsey Graham among others. After the '06 Democrats sweeping of Congress and the Senate the GOP has been forced to re-evalute it's stance on policy issues.

After this introspective period, the GOP has re-asserted its values in diminishing government, reducing taxes and balancing the budget. As the party in charge during the excesses that marked the middle of the decade, the GOP has had to remind voters and many politically astute entities that the platform of the Republican party is one of responsible government spending, contrary to the behavior of the Bush midterm legislators.

As the conservative movement gains momentum, due to the confusion occurring in the bailout procession, true conservatives start to voice their opinions and flex their muscle. In recent events, leaders like Lindsay Graham, Bobby Jindal and MItt Romney have voiced their oposition to the wasteful spending of recent weeks. This expression of responsible government lies in stark contrast to their own recent representative, George W. Bush. Although the current Republicans have worked hard to distance themselves from "W", his legacy of standing for very little conservative remains a blight on the conservative cause. Many conservatives are left wondering exactly what defined "W' as a conservative and are at a loss for an answer that clarifies anything at all. He refused or neglected to veto budgets that allocated money that should have been used in a prudent fashion, were he and the legislators actually conservative. The chasm of difference between "W" and conservatives notwithstanding, today's Republicans are rebuilding their party with charismatic leaders and will be presenting a strong front come 2012, if not before.

Gavin King is the webmaster for http://CrazyRightWinger.com

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