If you are a financial company and have not already engaged in a social media program, you are seriously behind your competitors and missing out on an important mechanism for reaching your customer base. It has been shown that the fastest growing group to use social media consists of high net worth individuals, a most important demographic for any financial company. Your competitors most likely already have started a financial social media outreach effort and every follower that they gain puts you just that much more behind the competition.

Financial social media is important because people often consider the Internet and online advice and recommendations when it comes to managing their money. Not everyone is a financial specialist, yet everyone does have some amount of money, so figuring out the best way to invest, spend, or save that money is crucial to someone’s lifestyle and choice of investment strategies. .

In our experience, we have seen many financial companies undertake Financial Social Media campaigns. Using clever hash tags and simple searches it is easy to see which financial social media programs are dominating the space and, we add, the dialogue that is taking place on a daily basis. The importance of implementing a financial social media is crucial. Consumers know that social media is necessary in today’s world (witness the number of apps that have emerged in the area) and thus companies that avoid its usage may be deemed old-fashioned.

Engaging in a Financial Social Media program is not only necessary for marketing your own services, but it is also critical to monitor what other people are Tweeting or saying about you on various websites and blogs. With a strong financial social media presence and diligent monitoring capabilities, a company is able to see what people are saying about them. Therefore you can give praise to those loyal followers in hopes of their continual support, as well as see those on twitter who may have negative things to say about your company, taking remedial steps if necessary to correct any misinformation.

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