Today, there are numerous blog hosting websites that are very convenient to use and appears very appealing to a lot of internet users. A lot of these sites offer user-friendly interface that is very much possible for any individual to learn. However, there are also a lot of drawbacks that come from such free blog hosting services.

First is that your content with such sites is not that secure and protected since most of them can change their policies and terms of use in an instant. There have been lots of past issues that demonstrate how such websites took advantage and possession of the blog owner's original content putting into a great compromise the copyright issues of the owner.

Second is that you can never be guaranteed with how long such free blog hosting sites will last. What would you do if one day you find it gone just because it crashed or it just simply decided to? This is a harsh reality for bloggers who go for the affordable sites compared to the assurance that you will get if you hold a self-hosted blog.

Flexibility issues can also arise in such free blog hosting services. Some of these sites offer limited advertising or no advertising at all. This could greatly hinder your chances for earning a stable flow of income thru ads.

Another is that you may miss the opportunity of working with big sponsors if your blog is hosted by a free blog hosting service. With this, you are again restricted to earn more and expand your horizons as a blogger.

Large corporations and media giants also do not trust such free blog hosting sites since they carry the perception that it may not be around for long. They are not in to take that big risk of partnering with a site that will not give them enough assurance of its uptime.

Bloggers can acquire more revenue by getting large sponsorships from reliable corporations.

If what you have is a self-hosted blog, then it gives the client the impression that you have also invested on something that would assure you of a professional and credible look, along with stability and what others would see it.

In choosing the ideal blog hosting for your site, it is important that you take the time and effort to research through all the possible tips and relevant knowledge that you need to learn to be able to succeed in this line of work. Blogging can be really a fun experience but if you will study and market it well, it can be a sure way to earn lots of money as well. You can make blogging a good combination of work and play that becomes a solid source of income.

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