Photography is a great hobby, a good source of income and also a very distinguished branch of art. However, not everyone can be a great photographer. You must have the heart for the job, because that is the most important characteristic that will make you a professional. So, if you are interested in being one, just remember the following steps and you can be sure you will be on your way to becoming a professional photographer.

Have the right equipment

You must have the proper equipment if you wish to be a professional photographer. If you are unsure of what is required ask others who are in the business or do online research. The most obvious item that is needed is a professional quality camera. There are a huge variety of cameras on the market yet professional quality cameras, such as digital SLR's, are somewhat expensive and you need to make sure you have it in your budget to purchase one. You can substitute it for a manual digital SLR camera, which is a mid-range camera, that can be used in the beginning until you have it in your budge to upgrade. A manual SLR will give professional quality photos with the added bonus of familiarizing you with how to properly use cameras to produce professional results.

Be an apprentice

To ensure success I recommend you find a local photographer who will take you on as an apprentice. This job probably will not pay, however the experience you gain is invaluable. As an apprentice you will learn more than you ever could in a school and the knowledge will be advantageous so that you don't waste time or money when it comes to starting your own business. Learning the "tricks" of a successful photographer will be worth more than a paycheck when all is said and done.


Photography has changed dramatically with the advent of digital technology and if you wish to be successful in this business it is vital that you understand the variety of techniques and tricks. Enroll in community classes on photography where you can learn the basics of cameras, lighting, and digital photo processing. If this is not possible take advantage of the worlds largest library, the Internet, and read up on topics of interest as well as tutorials on taking great photographs. Photography encompasses a variety of genres that you can specialize in and through research you can make an informed decision as to which genre will suit you best.

Remain Patient

This is the most difficult part of photography but also will be your key to success. Regardless if you are shooting, developing or setting up your equipment, patience is key to a perfect photo. If you desire to become a professional photographer you will need to learn this essential element. Patience will be vital in the first few months of setting up your business as you wait for it to grow. However, if you remain patient you will soon see your venture take off.

If photography is your passion and you would like to earn money from it you must remember that it will take patience, a decent budget and determination. Your dedication will pay off in the end when you begin to capture the amazing moments of life and sell these moments.

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