If you are good at writing and you like it, you should consider about starting freelance writing and get paid for it. The net grows daily by thousands of new websites, these sites need content, articles, blogs, reviews and so one.

There is an urgent need for people that write this. If you deliver good work in a short time, you will get more and more jobs for writing.

For a 500-word article, you can get all of $ 8 to $ 30 depending on the quality of the article. This means that in writing to make big money and even a living! If you only write five articles a day, you can anywhere from $ 1,200 to $ 4,500 per month.

It does not matter if you are experienced or a starter, as long as you make sure that you write well, make sure that there are no mistakes in there and respect the time to deliver the work.

Writing job offers

There are thousands of websites developing every day. All these websites must have content that is written to fill up the website pages. This content can be of
any form like articles, blogs, ebooks, sales copy, reports, etc.

Also, people need articles, blogs and other related things to promote their websites. Suppose, you want to search a website related to weight loss. Now, most probably you put a keyword weight loss in your search and get a list of websites. What you normally do, you just check the first ten results of the search engine and choose the best website. What do you think? How these websites are at the top ten of the search engine ranking? The answer is articles and blogs written by hired writers.

90% of the content in the websites and article directories are written by hired writers. The freelance writers get paid to write.


Whatever be your level of writing, if you can write and understand English then it is sure that you can earn money. For a 500 word article you can get anywhere from $ 8 to $ 30 depending on the quality of the article. This means you can make large amount of money and even make a living by writing! If you just write five articles per day, you can make anywhere from $ 1200 to $ 4500 per month. http://www.expert-advices.in/WritersPaid

The above shown pay is not fixed. After negotiation you can even make 50 to 100 dollars per article. Just think how much tax free income you can make just by sitting at home. Freelance writing can be a side income of full time income. Using this way you can also hire other writes and pass on some work and pay commission. Nowadays, people are using this method and making thousands of dollars per week.

There are different types of writings that you can do. The most common are freelance writing, product information, article marketing, ad writing. All these writings are done to promote the online business and websites. Suppose, you have written an ebook and want to sell it. To do this you promote your website
by writing articles and other related things so that it reaches the list of first ten.

one of the best services that I found on the internet : http://www.expert-advices.in/WritersPaid , there is a one time fee and there are plenty of job offers all the time. There are jobs for writing, proofreading, blogs, etc

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