When I was little I received my first digital camera. I took it everywhere with me: vacations, the park, school. Eventually it broke and being a kid I was distraught. This may have been the best thing that happened to me. I immediately got another camera, this one was better. It had more pixels and took much better photos. I used this camera for a number of years. During a family vacation in Santorini, Greece, I capture a photo of my little brother, Oliver, sitting outside of a shop with a dog that was resting next to him. I did not think much of it. When I was showing my photos to my friends and family, they all really liked that one photo along with many others. That following school year was my sophomore year of high school. I decided to sign up for a photography class because interest was growing. My teacher wanted me to bring in some of my work and he looked through all the photos and that same photo really jumped out at him. I wasn't before long that I was honored as "Photographer of the Month" for that photo. As soon as this all started happening, I became obsessed with photography. I pretty much owe all of my success to that one photo which really got me started. Later that year I bought my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3000. It had a variety of lenses including a telephoto, macro, wide angle, and fish eye. At the end of that school year I won the "Photographer of the Year" award which was amazing. Around then is when I was inspired to begin my photography blog. I actually began it as a way to share my photos with my friends and family. Then I started getting all these people on it writing to me about how much they enjoyed my photography. This only further inspired me to do more. I started traveling the world more and more capturing the culture and traditions of the people and places I visited. As my blog grew, my current host at the time could not support the amount of content and activity so I had to move it to a different host. I recently created a website that branches off of the blog with a slideshow of my best photography work.

Looking back on the years seeing how far I have come, I decided to that I wanted to be an inspiration to others that have interests in visual arts.

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I am Sam Rosenthal, a professional photographer who travels the world. I run my own photography blog. Visit the link below. Leave a comment, tweet me, etc.


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