The big question being posed by most newbies is how to blog effective. Many have said that you need to have tact when it comes to keywords usage, blog designing, writing skills and the like, but I beg to differ. There are people who have made blogs to act as their diaries and over time have gained immense following. They did not optimize their blog with keywords and they still generated huge traffic.

The secret to knowing how to blog is simple, post content that comes right from your heart and experiences you go through. Write as if no one will read your content and pour your heart out. This will help you connect with your readers and thus they will understand you better. Readers should feel and flow with what is going on in your heart.

Just the other day an article was posted that blogging is dead and micro blogging has taken over. It is true that sites like Yammer, Plurk and Twitter have completely revolutionized how to blog. But micro blogging is there to complement blogging. The fact that in micro blogging you are limited to the words you share means you need something more.

The single lines that one shares on social media sites mostly lead readers to websites or blogs with full content. Therefore, this goes to show that as much as you micro blog you need to also know how to blog. People doing online business have realized this fact and are making money online by generating traffic to their blogs through social media websites.

The issue is not about how many followers you have or the number of tweets you send; you need to direct your target audience to websites or blogs with comprehensive content. Many can say that you can direct people to affiliate websites but you would make more cash if you lead people to your own blog. All said and done you seriously need to learn how to blog and include it to your arsenal of generating free website traffic.

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