I strongly believe in giving people recognition for the efforts they have put into their jobs by posting their blog. Blog commenting is one of the best ways you can do this, but why are you and what's in it for you?

To be honest there is so much in it for you and I will talk about the reasons in this article today. But you do not have to think about what's in it for you, but what's in it for the author.

If you believe the marketing appeal or pay the future and what's in it for you that will simply take care of itself.

In this article I will share with you three reasons why you must leave a valid comment on the blog post you read. And also the article as well, they will be more appreciated in the end!

 Personal Development
 SEO Rankings
 Building relationships

Personal Development - You will always learn something new from reading the blog posts of others and you should read them to leave a valid comment. In this day and age of the blogger know that "great post, right back" comment is just for spam and to get a link back.

You should read the posts and leave comments that are interesting and potentially can start a conversation. This blog is intended to be a social place that is a bit more social with your comment, and leave something worthwhile read. If you do this then the owner of the blog to approve your comment gives you a link back to your post.

SEO Rankings - As I mentioned, you can improve the SEO rankings of blog comments. If you leave comments on blogs that have Comment Luv plug-in and post you will be listed on the site.

Also become more social blog so that by leaving your comments will encourage others to leave comments on your blog.

Relationship Building - By leaving the blog comments of others then you start building a relationship with that person. This can lead to the JV or the two of you finally joined the same business.

Building relationships in the industry at the most important part of building a business. This will be the foundation of your future so as to leave a comment is a great way to start the process.

Blog commenting is a win - win for both you and the owner of the blog. They get some social proof and you can learn something and build a relationship. Also greatly increases your chances of getting more comments on your own blog.

By doing your regular blog comments that will improve the flow of traffic to your own blog that will generate more leads and revenue for your business.

Of course you should set your blog to niche blogging to take advantage of the way Google ranks websites. This is a very powerful tactic that will drive more traffic to your blog.

Hi, I am Deny. I like to share any useful things I found on the web! I like to write an useful articles.

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