Blogs are getting popular day-by-day. People from all over the world have started seeing blogging as a convenient way to express their thoughts and earn some money at the same time. The other thing which has resulted into this widespread of blogging is the ease with which blogs can be started and managed. But most new bloggers fail to realize that they have to stand out from the crowd if they want to prevail in the online world. In addition to a good writing style and expertise in the niche, their blogs must be speedy and functional.

One has to choose many things when starting a blog online. These include the blogging script, a high-paying niche which has hungry readers and a good domain name. But there is another extremely important thing that can decide your fate as a blogger, it's your blog hosting service. Ignoring the hosting factor can be very dangerous for you as it's your hosting company that can make your website run seamlessly. Here are some tips for choosing a web hosting solution for blogs:

Server Speed:

Blogging software can become very slow at times. For high performance you must go for a high speed server. Usually, a server with eight processor cores and around 8GB of RAM works fine for most blogging scripts. Most popular web hosting companies have these types of servers.

Server Software:

Along with the hardware of your server, the software also matters a lot. Every blogging script has its own requirements and host should be chosen accordingly. Windows servers can handle most blogging platforms in a decent manner but as a rule of thumb blogging scripts work better with Apache servers rather than Windows servers. This is because most blogging platforms are powered by PHP language which is meant to run on Linux based OS.

Costumer Support:

Most of the times, bloggers are people with little or no technical experience and therefore they can't handle technical disasters on their own. At such times only a highly trained, cooperative costumer support team can help them out. Thus, for bloggers the importance of costumer support is much higher than other website owners. Never forget to check the response time of your company beforehand so that when you are in real trouble you can get help quickly.


It almost goes without saying that you must consider the price of web hosting solution before purchasing. Usually cheaper means 'of poor quality' but this is not the case with web hosting, many cheap web hosting companies provide great service and costumer support to their costumers. Just like offline shopping of merchandise you need to compare the rates and services of various options before coming to a final decision. By doing this analysis you can get the best web hosting in the best possible rates.

Avoid Overcrowded Servers:

Web hosting companies sometimes host way more websites on their servers than they can actually handle. This condition is called over-crowding of servers. Overcrowding results into frequent outages and poor server speed.

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