Blogs help in promotion of businesses and these days people are getting lots of business opportunities through blogging. Now the term comes that how to promote a blog? Blog promotion is not a difficult task today. Initially it was new for people, there were very little knowledge about blogging and blog promotion. These days there are number of sources and strategies through which we can promote the blogs.

Blog promotion is somewhat similar like to promote a website. But there are some more easier and SEO friendly sources where we can promote our blogs. To start with we should submit the blog in top search engines as we submit any website url.

Below are some of the very easier tips through which we can promote a blog:-

1. Links can be exchanged with other blogs
2. Submit your blog in blog directories
3. Submit the blog in general web directories
4. Submit your blog in blog pinging sites
5. Join communities at
6. Submit blog in RSS directories
7. Do commenting on dofollow blogs
8. Create more blogs and link to your main blog
9. Do bookmarking of blog at social bookmarking sites
10. Promote your blog in related forums

On page optimization of blog is also very important in order to get fully benefited. On page optimization will include keywords analysis, meta tags generation, content optimization, W3C validation, sitemap, RSS feed etc.

All the above mentioned strategies applied in a proper manner will surely give good hikes to your blog in search engines. You may get high search engine rankings and visitors on the blog.

Blogs not only help in promotion of business, even you may earn revenues through fully promoted blogs. Revenues can be generated through affiliate links and Google AdSense. Overall blogs are best of income and business promotion.

Blogs are also a very good place to express your ideas, thoughts, you can discuss social or general issues.

I have vast experience of blogging. By profession I am an SEO Services Provider, here I am sharing some of my knowledge about blogging. To learn about more on SEO tips, visit my blog at

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