Even though there are various definitions given for a blog, according to the internet language a blog is a ‘weblog’. This blog carries the information and comments of the blog creator. The blog is updated frequently by the blog creator and the latest & updated information appears in the top. Blog posting is the latest and easy way to share your thought with the people around the world. You will find blog postings on various topics including daily life activities to scientific researches. Now let us find out how to set up a blog.

You do not require prior experience or knowledge in web development to start blogging. Blogging is easy to start by anyone and this process takes only few minutes. The basic things required to start a blog are: domain name, web hosting and a design.

Step One: Create your domain

The first step of blogging is to purchase your domain name. There are numerous websites in the internet that sells domain names for cheap rate. One such recommended site is GoDaddy. You can create your domain name for just $ 10. This domain name is the place where you will place your blog and invite visitors. Always choose a domain name that is close to your business or service.

Step Two: Find out a professional web hosting company

After getting the domain name, you should look for a web hosting company to host your blog. Thousands of blog hosting providers are available in the internet. You will also get best deal and offers from some blog hosting companies. One such popular web hosting company that offers great customer support in less cost is Hostgator. Hostgator hosting plans comes with cPanel hosting. This tool will help you to upload any type of software in your domain.

Step 3: Install your WordPress Blog

Once you got the domain name and a hosting service, installing wordpress blog is very easy. Login to your cPanel and choose Fantastico to install your WordPress Blog instantly. This process takes only few minutes to install wordpress blog.

Step Four: Look for a best theme design

And finally you should look for a theme design for your blog. The theme design you choose should be pleasing and appealing to the users. There are numerous sites that provide blog themes free. You will also find paid themes in the internet. I recommend you to purchase the paid theme because you will get the best customized design in paid one. Paid themes with creative look will attract audience in large.

So, blogging is an essential one to convey the information to the audience in less expense. There are also some interactive blogs where audience can leave their comment. Blogging will be helpful for developing any type of internet business. There are various types of blogging and corporate blogging is used to market products or service. Many business people use blogs to create traffic to their website and sell their product. You can also place advertisements in your blogs and earn extra income.

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