There is no better way to lighten somebody's mood than make them read some really funny stuff. Humor is extremely contagious. The echo of roaring hilarity is far more infectious than a sniffle, sneeze or cough. Laughter when shared binds people and increases intimacy and happiness. Here are some tips on how to write something funny or start a funny blog-

Making Fun

No one likes to laugh at themselves but people love stuff which makes them laugh at others, especially the one who is the butt of the joke. Hence, it's really funny if the writer makes fun of his or her eccentricities, bad habits, weaknesses, lack of self-control, and the like.

Think Like A Teenager

Quit being 'proper' and don't be ashamed of using cheap stuff and words like boogers, farting, pants peeing, and the like. For more ideas, watch crazy stuff and movies of funny actors such as Jim Carey and Will Ferell.

Write The Complete Opposite Of What The Audience Is Expecting

People normally expect clichs. That's why writing about stuff like slipping on a banana peel isn't very hilarious. But whining about stupid stuff like a jerk boss or an ex-flame will sound really funny.

Use Funny Words

Bombastic or hi-fi vocabulary makes the readers feel confused and mentally un-gifted, turning perfectly funny stuff to something offensive. Hence it's better to not use complicated words. Instead, make use of simple words which sound funny. Normally, words that have a hard 'K' are funny. Like for example, Kansas sounds funnier than Maine (geographically speaking).

Just Remember: it is the sound of the word being used, not its meaning which makes it sound.

Find Creative Options For Abusive Words

Using curse words is the laziest way to get a laugh, and these words only produce laughs from the readers who aren't offended. Finding some creative alternatives for abuses does not only prevent the writer from sounding offending, it will also generate more laughs.


Exaggeration is a great tool to create funny stuff. For instance, the word gazillion sounds really funny, only because it's an exaggeration.

Write On Topics Which Make People Really Uncomfortable

The things that normally make people really uncomfortable are sex, death, farting, burping or similar bodily functions, embarrassment, and weakness. The writer is particularly funny if he or she can discover a way to thread a bunch of these topics together.

Use Common Phrases To Induce Wackiness

For instance, a phrase like "You can't make this stuff up!" is very helpful if a writer is writing something that could very well be made up, but isn't actually. Also avoid confusing the readers by taking the post in bizarre directions. For instance, if the one thinks that George W. Bush is brainless, bring in that idea in the very first paragraph and then use the next ten paragraphs to build up to a climax that proves that he in fact is brain less.

Never feel forced to follow book stuff like proper grammar, capitalization or spellings while writing funny stuff. What's more important than following rules is the abundant usage of abbreviations and smiley's to hammer in the point to the audience. Also, be natural and don't try to copy anyone. People like writers who have their own original way of thinking.

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