Rule of thumb when writing blog posts:  Ask your self "Would I forward this post if it were emailed to me?"

Get in the habit of answering YES and watch your blog traffic explode!

Once you've mastered that step, see how  you add up to these 3 critical components of writing great blog content:

1.  Bulleted Lists

Today's reader has been renamed SCANNER! Just take a look at how YOU read material online. Mostly, you scan articles picking out key points that are either highlighted or bulleted. Agree?

It's time to use that principal to ignite your content and keep your readers engaged... not saying "this is soooo boring, when will it end?" Short & sweet, to the point, and POWERFUL. Say much with little wording!

2.  Concluding Evidence

Today's consumer is educated and armed with plenty of research! If you plan on making a strong claim, it's critical you back it up. Here's how:

The most credible websites in the world are the .gov websites. These sites are packed with statistical data from full-time PHd's who spend their lives conducting studies on all sorts of topics. What does this mean to you?

You need to use strong supporting evidence to prove your claims.  Here's a great tool for doing that:

Go to the Advanced Search feature on your search engines' home page, and set it to Government Websites Only. Having trouble finding this option? Just type "How to search government websites only" into your browser. This should help!

3. Word Count

I'm not telling you to write short posts and I'm certainly not telling you to write long posts! Before you dive into writing, ask yourself these questions:

*  Is my demographic time-starved?

*  Will my core demographic be scanning this article, or reading it?

*  Can I say a lot using a few words? (can be a very beneficial tactic if used properly)

*  Can I bullet some of my statements, making it easier to read?

* Can I take out a few words to make my content pop more?

* Am I writing for keywords, search engines, or my readers? (the answer should be obvious)

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