The music scene has changed dramatically since the internet was introduced.  From being able to download music to the fall of the major music labels a lot has changed over the last few years.


One of the biggest changes in the music industry is that there has been a significant rise in indie music.  Before the internet, it was hard for indie groups or solo acts to get heard and eventually develop an audience and a following.  However, now a lot of indie acts are able to do just that by putting their music on the internet in order to attract thousands of more people than they have ever been able to reach beforehand.  In fact, more and more groups are being discovered this way.  For example, Straight No Chaser had a video from their college days on YouTube where it was seen millions of times.  One of those views belonged to a record executive who then signed them to a contract.  Without the internet, there would be hundreds or even thousands of groups and individual acts which would go undiscovered.


In addition, there are also now websites which are dedicated only to independent artists. There are sites where fans can donate money to those artists which will help go to offset the high fees associated with producing an actual record.  This makes it easier for independent artists to make the transition from just having music located online to having an actual record to sell in stores or other locations.


The internet has also greatly affected the way that we listen to music.  Music has gone through several stages including eight-tracks, cassettes, CDs and now digital downloads.  Hardly anyone goes to a traditional music store any more to purchase a complete album. Instead, we now download music one song at a time and store it on a digital device.  This makes it possible to pick and choose which songs we want off of a particular album and have hundreds or thousands of songs at our disposal at any one time.  Despite the fact that music companies and even some artists are still against downloaded music, the industry is never going to go back to the way that it once was.  Downloading music is also more cost effective to the consumers so they can pay for only the songs that they want to hear rather than wasting money on an album where they may only listen to three or four songs. 


The internet will continue to influence our music by making it possible to also download songs and listen to the radio from anywhere. As long as consumers have a connection, they can tune into Pandora and other similar sites to listen to whatever they are in the mood for.  With the internet, there is more music out there to choose from than ever before allowing consumers to learn about new music genres and allowing artists to reach people all around the globe.  It will be interesting to see how the internet continues to affect music in the years to come.

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