Twitter has grown tremendously and to a level few predicted. The social networking website receives a whopping 180 million unique visitors a month, and has 105 million registered users. Twitter has grown to be highly relevant to a number of industries. Now there in fact individuals on Twitter who aren't narcissistic hipsters describing their lives in excessive detail to anyone who will pay attention.

So why hasn't the legal profession taken the hint? Professor Richard Susskind writes in his in his acclaimed book, The End if Lawyers?, "most lawyers that I speak to dismiss Twitter as yet another plaything for their children. Of what possible relevance, they inquire, could this possible be for a senior legal practitioner"?

Those asking the question might be surprised to learn just how relevant Twitter has become. Much like the modern world in general, the legal profession now develops more quickly than ever before. Attorneys who tweet are instantly a part of one of the largest legal discussions in the world, and taking part enables them to keep up with new developments.

Using Twitter makes finding relevant legal insights effortless to discover. Solicitors constantly require fresh points of views on legal issues, and the Twitter community can put them into contact with experts who can respond to legal questions from different points of view.

Twitter can also add a human touch to the otherwise impersonal legal profession. Tweets often uncover the humanity hiding within successful solicitors, who can seem cold and remote to younger lawyers. Some law firms have begun to use Twitter in this way as a way of building camaraderie. One lawyer in London explained that tweeting was a great way to build relationships with clients, always an essential job for law firms.

Young Solicitors in London are a driving force behind the changing relationship between law and Twitter. The Corporate Counsel New Media Engagement Survey discovered that 26% of lawyers aged 30-39 agree that a law firm's existence on Twitter will impact whether they are instructed.

The increasing popularity of Twitter has amongst young attorneys suggests that Twitter will shortly grow to be a significant part of the legal community Currently several prominent law firms and west London solicitors have begun tweeting with regularity. Lawyers should move ahead of the crowd, and figure out how to leverage Twitter before their competitors do.

We provide West London's corporate community, from European HQs of multinationals to UK plcs to large privately-owned businesses and local businesses with expert legal advice. Our team of solicitors in London are recognised as leaders and experts across a number of areas by the UK's independent legal directories.

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