Legalized extortion is mainly caused by two sectors within our economy. One sector is our Government, and the other sector is Business.

Yes, Federal, State and Local Governments within our Country simply have to create laws that take our money out of our pockets. As a matter of fact, they can even take away all of your tangible, intangible and Real property for reasons of their own, regardless of what you have to say or do about it.

City, County and State Governments levy taxes to pay the cost of keeping everyone healthy and safe. Those are Real Estate taxes, sales taxes and other fees to keep Public services available for its people. So too, Federal taxes insure that our Country Government keeps us safe from Foreign enemies and allows us to live a reasonably healthy and happy life as a citizen of the United States of America.

Then again, as a result of political corruption and greed, those two sectors can also unfairly raise the cost of everything that we need in order to stay healthy and alive. They also are the biggest cause of inflation within our economy.

As an example, the problem of the increasing cost of gasoline that our Government does nothing to stop is no better example of legalized extortion. I suppose that all of the extra tax dollars is needed to pay for a war in Iraq and other places.

Our elected Politicians must have a secret agreement with those oil companies, or those oil companies are using our Government to further their own agenda. Yes, it's also possible that the people who we trust to insure our well being are just lazy or corrupted by business, and are no less guilty of the extortion that those oil companies are committing to all of us. If they aren't solving the problem, they must be part of the problem.

If you haven't noticed, Real Estate, sales and other taxes have also increased far beyond the average rate of inflation. Natural disasters, the invasion and ever increasing number of illegal aliens, undeclared wars, the on going loss of jobs to Foreign Countries and the inflow of illegal drugs have and will continue to cost our society hundreds of billions of dollars. And yet, our elected Politicians, corrupt or not, continue to do nothing worthwhile to solve any of those very serious problems.

It's quite clear that those Politicians have very good reasons for what they are doing, and it's also clear that the only resulting good is going directly to multinational corporations, including those oil companies.

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