The simple-looking door is really very complicated to make; it takes use of templates for framing the locking mechanism stile as well as the bottom rail. Also, you must cut and fit a stop that follows the line of the contour in the upper part of the stile. This can be very frustrating, particularly if you use glass panels at the very top as well as bottom.

First, cut the body parts to the dimensions presented in the cutting list. Be aware that the lock stile is several inches wider compared to a hinge stile.

Prior to going forward, generate templates for the two irregularly shaped pieces. Screw these templates into the ends of the rail and stile so that the screw loopholes won't show later. The stile, due to its length, should also have a backing piece which runs the entire length of the outside edge of the piece. Push several screws through this piece to the exterior edge of the door in order to strengthen the template on the piece.

Cut the stile template from a thoroughly jointed bit of plyboard which is several inches longer compared to the stile and one in . wider. Chop in from both ends using the rip fence over a table saw to get the straight parts of the template perfectly straight and parallel. Stop where the curve begins; cut the curves with a band saw, and then fair them into the straight parts of the template. It is very important that the straight parts be perfectly straight so that the joints are going to be tight.

This template will operate on a guide bearing that you need to mount either below or above the cutters on the stick shaper. The actual bearing has to be the appropriate diameter for your cutters. If your cutters cut on only one edge of the piece at a time, just as mine do, you'll have to do one of the following: reverse the rotation of the cutters (with a reversing switch on the shaper) so that you can make both sides of a stick cut without shifting the template; or flip the piece over with the template at the base, shift the actual bearing to the base, reset the level of your cutters, and make the cut. If you want to switch the piece over, make certain that there are no protruding screws or nails on the surface of the template. A different approach that avoids this concern is to cut just one bead like the cross portion of the bead with a glass, and then make a moulding to maintain the tongue- and-groove panel in.

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