The importance of highly specialized scientific and technical education is well recognized In the modern world as it creates technically efficient and capable technocrats that are able to tackle the technical challenges the country may have to face in the future.

But a broad education is also important. Broad education also called General Education that assesses the moralistic and ethical attributes of the children and provides measures to stabilize these values of the same. The terms Liberal education and General education are used interchangeably at the university level in developing countries.

This argument may seem unusual and perhaps also controversial, but it reflects the view of the Task Force that this type of education could play a more constructive role than is commonly realized in helping developing countries to achieve their long-term socio-economic goals and move rapidly towards becoming a capable and developed nation in future.

A higher education system should be such that it is able to meet many different goals. These goals include satisfying demand from students for an increasingly sophisticated and rewarding education that is more job oriented and less degree and qualification oriented.

Training the people that are needed to run a modern society and contribute to its further advancement so that providing a forum in which a society can examine its problems and identify and measure appropriate solutions and also offering a environmental setting in which a society’s culture and values can be studied and developed to form a more developed and capable generation that tackles the challenges well and creates a better environment.

Thus general or liberal education is just as important for the nation as the highly specialized scientific and technical education. General education forms the moral and ethical pillars of the strong characters of capable future technocrats of the nation that is on the path of sustainable development.


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