This season's trendy are bright nail polish colors: dark and light, the main thing in them – the vital energy which will lift your spirit! Feel the breath of heat… Bright shades: red, cherry, orange, fuchsia – it is a palette of this winter, embodies sensuality and sexuality. Nail polish must be brilliant (what can be achieved through a transparent top cover). … But cold! Witching warm shades of nail polishes neighbors in this winter with deep cool tones that will add the image of elegance and mystery. Black, gray, plum, blue, indigo should not stay away. You can easily buy nail polish of Milani from online stores.

Some of the colors of the season, of course, will not be appreciated by everyone. It is rather difficult to change calm subdued tones of Milani nail polish on the lush hues of fuchsia or indigo. But you should agree, sometimes it is very important to try something new and unusual.

Milani nail polish is one of the best nail polishes. It has good quality:

- Uniformly distributed and lies on the surface of the nail;

- Has a uniform composition and color;

- Dries quickly (not more than 5-10 minutes to dry of one layer);

- Lasts a long time (at least 5 days);

- Not afraid to mechanical damage and corrosive medium.

In order to meet all these requirements Milani nail polish contains components responsible for these qualities.

- Creators of film (or film formers) – for example, nitrocellulose – make lacquer more durable, elastic, shiny and less prone to abrasion and cracking.

- Plasticizers (softeners) – for example, castor oil and difutilftalat – provide flexibility varnish.

- Mediums – for example, butyl, or ethyl alcohol – give strength varnish.

- Synthetic resins – are responsible for "sticking" to the nail varnish.

- Colored pigments – such as aniline dyes – are responsible for the color of the varnish.

As additions manufacturers can use mother-of-pearl. Natural pearls are made of river and sea shells, fish scales, or use a pearl Pat. Sometimes it can be used synthetic substitutes of nacre. Also popular are the addition of metal (e.g. aluminum) plate or polyester film to give a metallic gloss varnish.

And manicure – this is not just a nail polish.

Manicure is a beautiful and durable, if you follow a few simple tips:

1. Before applying the nail polish you should wipe nails by nail enamel remover.

2. Take responsibility for the choice of color of Milani nail polish.

3. For better durability of manicure before applying it wipe nails with a slice of lemon.

4. If your nails are brittle and dry, then choose moisturizer spray (variants: with minerals, vitamins, marine algae. There are plenty options in the market). Also against brittle nails you can use simple means – salt baths (you can use plain and sea salt).

5. It is better, before applying the varnish to cause nutritive basis – it's visually align the nail plate.

And remember: manicure with good nail polish – one of hundreds of little things that can add confidence to every woman, to raise mood in a cloudy day.

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