Have you ever had one of those days, when everything seemed to be raining down on you? The real question should be how many days have you had like that? You need a break and you need it right now! I know there have been times when someone could step in and say to the children, "Mommy just needs a break right now. Come back in half an hour and mommy will be better." Have you ever wished for a mommy clone or at the very least to be Mrs. Incredible with her super mommy powers to reach and stretch perfectly in any situation. It can be tough trying to multi-task while raising a family.

Have you ever had chaos ensue during the time of day that you are the most fatigued or frazzled and then for the icing on the cake your son asks a seemingly innocent question like, "Mom, when is dinner (lunch, breakfast, etc.), I'm starved?"  Many moms with young children experience a condition called "leg warmers" (slang for toddlers with Mommitis) from time to time. Mommy messages would be just what they need. Instead of being tempted to yell or scream you could have the "Mommy Messages" take over.

What about when your toddler decides to explore your scissor stash and cut the baby's hair, the garland from your Christmas tree, decorative tassels on your lamp, and anything else that can be cut? What is a harried, exasperated mom to do? We can only dream of an invention that might give us a time out for a moment or two to regroup or even just escape. No remote control could pause the day no matter hard we wish. Some days I wish I had a pre-programmed "Mommy Time Out" machine. I would call it "Mommy Messages." 

What are Mommy Messages and what would it do, you ask?  When you are at the split second before a melt-down, the Mommy Messages would turn on and give you a quick time out without ignoring the persons involved. A Mommy message might say, "Mommy is not here right now. She is busy and cannot come to your service. Please leave a message at the beep or play quietly until she returns." Following the message some relaxing music would begin playing to calm all who are present. Maybe a little curtain could drop down giving mommy the chance to make a break from the situation. When you are calm enough to come back to reality, no words were spoken which you wished you hadn't said, no breakdowns happen on your part, and you are ready to go about being the one in charge of the situation. It would cut down on much tension during stressful times of the day.

As much as I wish there were Mommy Messages they haven't been invented yet. In the meantime, we simply have to function during each situation and hope for the best.  The next time you're in a tense and stressful situation in your home remember that you are not alone and we all wish we could take a time out too.  We can always take that time out and find a quiet place for a quick prayer for help. Our Heavenly Father would like to help us at these times. I have learned through my own experiences that asking for help through prayer and faith help will come whether it is some relief or inspiration.

....And this is the end of these messages!

Shiloah Baker is a mother of seven children and homemaker who resides in North Carolina. She is the owner of Homemaking Cottage & Co., a website which offers homemaking related articles, books, eBooks, ideas, other homemaking related materials and a subscription service. For more information go to: http://www.homemaking-cottage.com or her blog at http://homemaking-cottage-blog.com to learn how she raises seven children and runs a business at home.

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