Name necklaces are quickly becoming the most popular among the many personalized gifts we now have in our times. There are, of course, several reasons why this is the case. Perhaps first of all the many reasons, the necklaces are more visible for other people so the person who receives the gift will surely wear it and love it more than other pieces of jewelry. If the necklace has been personalized, it would then be more special for the recipient and she will be doubly proud and happy for it. On the other hand, these personalized necklaces are more affordable for the giver as well. There are many types of mommy necklaces to choose from and there are indeed a lot of trendy styles that sure look classy but are surprisingly very affordable too.  

Personalized jewelries really go a long, long way as some of them have been passed from generation to generation. In our times, there are really some families that are keeping special jewelries that may have been passed to them by their parents and/or relatives. You can never really go wrong when you go for customized mommy necklaces.

A gold and silver charm necklace, for example, can be the perfect gift for your mother. This is great because the genuine 18k gold front can be customized with her name. The charm's backside, on the other hand, is a .925 sterling silver where you can also request for an important date to be indicated there as well. Dates, however, are inscribed in numbers and dots and not letters and dashes. If you want something else to be engraved there instead of a name or a date, that isn't a problem as long as it is a maximum of 9 letters. Short messages will also do just in case that's what you have in mind. These charms are wafer-thin, giving it a really elegant look that's why this could really be the ideal present for someone as special as your mother.

Another option among the list of personalized necklaces can also be the all gold charm necklace. While it slightly looks similar to the gold and silver charm, this one is available in 14k gold. However, the difference is that this one hangs on a golden chain. As an addition, a small Swarovski crystal birthstone is also included, connecting the charm to the gold chain of the necklace.  

Your mother will surely be happy to get something that has been getting a lot of positive feedback from a lot of people. For example, these beautiful necklaces have received a lot of media attention from US Weekly, People StyleWatch and many other magazines and even websites and blogs.

Want to order these mommy necklaces right away? Worrying that you are not from the United States and you think you will only have a hard time trying to find these at the local stores? Well, brush all those concerns away and simply go online so you could purchase these attractive gifts immediately.

Catherine Jacobsen is a mother of three and is passionate about gifts for young families. She recommends visiting for personalized necklaces, which has a large selection of unique mommy necklaces.

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