In the greatest city on earth you are never far away from fantastic places to eat. You will find from cafes and coffee bars to bistros and mid priced restaurants.kebab shops, Indian and Chinese takeaways, pizza bars and burger joints in all parts of London, as a rule, low rent areas near transport hubs have lots of cheap food and inexpensive places to eat, whilst high rent areas have expensive low turnover eateries and bistros. In between these two extremes are a wide variety of places to eat,
If you are looking to stretch those holiday pounds you can often find deals, some bistros offer lunchtime eating deals , while other places to eat offer set menus in the evening. Child friendly eateries frequently have offers for a family. In the West End the busy theatre cafes and restaurants keep their prices low by offering pre and post theatre sittings, with a third in between which is often a quieter affair.
Many of these mid-priced bistros, especially in busy areas such as Camden, Soho, London Bridge, Covent Garden, Piccadilly, Mayfair etc..., operate a no-reservation policy. This policy of non booking is designed to streamline the whole process of feeding the maximum number of people. Seats are not left empty waiting for people who may not turn up, but you may expect to be seated within 15 minutes or so, unless the food is really good, in which case the wait may be longer. As a rule, when eating in a food court with many places to eat, always choose the longest queue, there is always a reason for the longest queue.
A fantastic British Institution is the Pub, some of the finest are reinventing themselves as Gastropubs, they already have kitchens, a full license and plenty of seating and now some are becoming renowned places to eat. Now these Gastropubs are employing some of the brightest young chefs and giving them free reign to excite the palate and produce wonderful food at reasonable prices they sometimes offer a limited menu but dont some great establishments do the same.
There are famous restaurants in London Bridge, whether holding Michelin stars or run by celebrity chefs, but there are far more hidden gems which need to be sought out. With so many to choose from look for specialist websites which are dedicated to one type of restaurant and look for their recommendations.
As one of the worlds great cities we have a multi-ethnic community offering cuisine from all over the world. both specialist restaurants and those delightful establishments which bridge the gap od cultures from French, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, Vegetarian Restaurants, Soho and City and London Bridge restaurants all of these are well represented in London and we provide links to many of these from our websites which are detailed below.
You will enjoy exploring the variety of bistros, coffee bars, cafes, restaurants and other eateries in London. Many Hotels also have superb kitchens, but there are always plenty more places to eat just around the corner in London.

Francis Shaw is a freelance author who lives in London and contributes articles on travel, flights and hotels including Places to Eat London and London Eating

The urge to cycle is strong!

Today I decided to explore some new places on my bike commute I normally do not ride. I climbed a parking structure, cycled behind a Whole Foods, and cut through some parking lots.

I'm also experimenting with wearing my running clothes on the bike. Cycling without wearing bike specific clothes can work if you find something you like.

Note: I pointed out the cities of Brentwood and Clayton. The retail mall in the foreground as seen from the parking garage rooftop looking toward Clayton is actually Richmond Heights.

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