Blogs are individual websites where people continually make entries. The term means literally to add or to maintain content. Some blogs are more a diary than anything else, however, many people and companies as well, use blogs to promote products and other types of media that pertains to the blogs topic. Blogs are part of a social media network, which use not only text, but images and links to other blogs or websites that have something in common.

They can be of music, videos, sketches, and photographs; any thing that will have something in common. Places to Locate a Good Blog Directory can be found all over the internet, however, There are some places that are more popular than others. Many people would like to write blogs but do not know what they are, or how to go about doing it.

Google and Yahoo Directories are by far, the most well known. When you first bring up a Google or Yahoo Search screen, you will probable have to type in Blog Directories; a search screen will pop up listing all the Blog Directories.

Then you scroll down the list and read about which blog you would like to go to for the topic that you want. Plus you can also find a list at the bottom of the entries for related Blog Directories. These related entries will help you narrow your search for a Good Blog directory. You might see something like free Blog Directories, political blogs, a blog catalog, or even the top blogs.

If you were to click on the top blog entry it will lead you to another search screen that will list other blogs and Blog Directories. The exception here is that the search has now narrowed your search to the top 100 blogs, or the top 25 blogs. It will also have sub related searches that will allow you to view the top blogs of a particular year. There are links to blog sites that are looking for people to write blogs for them and they pay really well.

I clicked on one of the Blog Directories and it led me too another search screen as I scrolled down, I noticed that there were several links to choose from. One of them would lead me to a site that would tell me the ranking of many blogs. Another one would discuss some of the tools that some people use to write them.

There are also many links that will let you submit your latest blog. As of December 2007 one search engine had tracked over 112 million blogs. Now days there are blogs that use video's, which has lead blogging into a whole new era. Remember the old adage a picture is worth a thousand words; it really is true. People tend to remember things after they have seen it with their own eyes.

With all the Good Blog Directories on the internet today anyone that loves blogging or wants to learn to blog will have no trouble at all finding just the right one that will help them the most.

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