What's the future of fashion? The so-called trend every year goes like fashion cycle. In fact, it tends to reproduce the classics no matter what it's like, nostalgic or retro. Not only the current military uniform trend but also the returning Harem Pants used to be classical chic. Just consider how many years we will wait for if we want to create a innovation which will shock the world. So the classics and reminiscence play essential parts in the world of fashion such as Converse Canvas shoes, Ray-Ban pilots goggles and Puma Suede.

Puma Suede is the most classical one among so a number ofclassics in the history of Puma which have been on sale for about 50 years. This is attributed to Tommie Smith who wore Puma Suede when taking part in Olympic games. And they are still famous and popular with people. Particularly, it became a widespread topic after Walt Clyde Frazier worn them. And then a lot of hip-hop groups and hip-hop singers accept them quickly and improve its popularity. Since then, Suede is not only one style of shoes but also one type of culture. When people consider classics as fogyism and old fashion, Puma Suede gave them cruel refutal in a minute. It's this very pair of simple shoes that a lot of fashionistas are following after it and create them a new life by graffiti and print. Certainly, to judge wether they are in the center of the trend based on cooperation with plenty of brands and the number of replicas. It's proved that Puma Suede takes the principal and unbeatable position in field of fashionable shoes cooperating with Scott Bourne, Undefeated and others. As the largest replica country, Japan have produced lots of versions which are handmade, high position and more vivid in colour.

Walt Clyde Frazier ultimatelyhave their own classic shoes named Clyde while Puma Suede is growing step by step. When people discuss Walt Clyde Frazier, they always evaluate him highly. Clyde is the real athlete. He wore Puma to attend 825 games from rough lawns of Atlanta to smoothy court and made 13 mythes for basketball season. Not only he appeals plenty of loyal Puma fans but also lead Puma to develop one new product called Clyde which are lighter and more comfortable than Suede and there is studs and gold logo "Clyde" on them.

Except the classics above, there aremany shoes styles in the Puma Classic retro series such as brightly colored Cabana Racer and low-keyed gorgeous GV Love. Athletes and musicians are interested in them and pursue them as loyal fans. In 2010, Puma invited Mavis Fan, one of Chinese singer as well as Hundred Percent Orchestra from China to act Puma Archive Uncovered on the stage of Beijing Star Live in Beijing. This rock music party's theme is "The Future is Legend."which is the design concept of Puma Archive Series. The real object of the mixture is to pass on the concept-Classics inspire future and wonderful blend classic music with modern rock. The spirit of We Only Rock Classics makes great difference for the music world and you.

About authorWhen you are choosing one pair of puma shoes, you can take into account of the classics puma speed cat. It's proved that not all classics are fogyism and old fashion puma sneakers. There are a lot of classic Puma shoes in online shops puma ferrari online.

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