Baruipur, on the fringes of Kolkata is synonymous with green orchards. Besides its much-relished fruits, it also boasts of having the world’s first cathedral dedicated to mother Teresa – cathedral immaculate heart of Mary and mother Teresa.

The history goes back to the days when a chapel was set up in 1978 in baruipur under the baruipur diocese. Later it was converted into a cathedral that was inaugurated in November 2009 by the then archbishop of Kolkata lucas sircar , bishop of baruipur diocese, Salvador lobo and sister mary prema, superior general of missionaries of charity .

The cathedral has become a landmark structure with its simple yet striking façade surrounded by a manicured garden with beautiful plants and flowers. The use of pristine white color in combination with blue is aptly reminiscent of mother Teresa is white and blue-bordered sari.

True to mother Teresa’s vision of compassion towards all humanity, the baruipur cathedral has become a symbol of universal brotherhood and religious harmony. While it was being constructed, local Christians,muslims and Hindus have pitched in with their contributions. Bishop Salvador lobo says,

“The tranquility and beauty of the cathedral is a major draw , attracting people from all faiths, and the cathedral gladly welcomes all.”

The cathedral’s architecture is primarily patterned on the Romanesque (in England known as Norman)-marked by rounded arches, solid volumes and perpendicular elements as prevalent in the 10th and 12th centuries. The sanctuary is inspired by baroque and Portuguese style. The tiled pattern on the roof lends it a rustic charm.

Elements of Hinduism and Islam also find expression in main structure of the cathedral, which draw a steady stream of visitors from other faiths. In the main prayer hall, there are 12 murals on either side of cathedral. The roof highlight the 12 miracles and 12 parables of Jesus Christ . The oil painting on fiber material as the canvas are framed painting that have been permanently mounted near the ceiling. These paintings are specially processed to ensure zero maintenance.

The artwork on windows depicts biblical tales in la stained glass style. The windows have 32 glass paintings of history of salvation from the creation until the shipwreck of st. Paul’s at the shore of Malta. Again, these painting have been on fiberglass, to make it look like stained glass.

A 20-foot fiberglass relief depicting the last supper adorns the wall opposite the sanctuary.


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