What Do You Want a Blog For?

People have many reasons for starting their blogs.

They may want to:

1. Discuss their hobby
2. Show some examples of what they produce
3. Share some ideas or techniques which they have developed or found useful and connect with other people that enjoy the same interest.
4. Create a blog to share with distant friends and family members. These blogs take the place, to some extent, of posted letters. They have the advantage of the news being shared much faster on an Internet blog than it would be if it was sent by mail. You can add photos of a trip or a new arrival - a pet or a baby!
5. Create a blog which shares and explains your religious beliefs or other views
6. Make a blog to promote your business or services; you can add pictures of your products and links to your main website.
7. Use your blog to promote a cause, a person you admire or almost anything else.

Another great advantage of communicating through your blog is that you can draw the interest of people and organizations around the world. Sharing ideas will take on a whole new meaning!

The cost of having a blog, or even several, can be very low.

It does not take much time to set up and even less to add a new Post every few days. But, I recommend that you do add at least a Post each week so that your visitors know that you will have new material for them to enjoy if they return to your Blog.

Writing a few posts for your blog is good practice for other kinds of writing and great mental exercise. And, you don't need to have any particular skill with words - people read your blog to learn about you as well as the topic which you write about.

If you have always wanted to write a book, use your blog to develop your personal writing style. You could put short pieces that you have written, complete stories or even new chapters of your book for the readers' enjoyment and to get some feedback.

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