You probably never think twice about nail polish remover but have been confused by the seemingly many options available to you. Removers now comes in a bottle, jar and pen. It can be applied to the nail with tissue, a cotton ball, spray, your finger, pads or a wand that comes with the product. With all of these options, we must delve deeper to see certain removers are better than others.

When removing nail polish, you probably hold your breath to avoid the sharp smell of remover. You may even close your eyes at times to avoid a stinging sensation. This is because nail remover is an organic solvent containing chemicals. These chemicals leave your skin feeling dry and make your nails dry and brittle as well. There are nail removers labeled as acetone-free to combat these issues. This may be a safer alternative, but are still toxic to an extent. Some removers will add aloe, lavender and other moisturizing agents to reduce dryness of the skin. There are also water-based nail polish removers, such as Suncoat, that are nontoxic for those who do not want chemicals in their products.

Below is a list of popular types of nail polish removers:

Liquid bottle You are probably most familiar with this type of remover. Bottled remover is on sale all the time and you get more for your money compared to other removers. You need tissue or cotton balls to remove.

Nail Polish Remover Pads These pads come already saturated with nail remover. Simply wipe a pad over your nail to remove nail polish. This is a very quick and convenient way to remove nail polish but you will get less for your money.

In A Jar Inside the jar is usually a pink sponge with a slot in it for your finger. This is also very easy because the only thing you have to do is rub your finger against the sponge to remove nail color. This may be the quickest way to remove nail color, especially nail polish that is hard to remove because the sponge serves as an abrasive. The downside is that you will have to occasionally clean the sponge and then replace old nail remover with fresh nail remover.

Remover Pen Applying products with a simple pen is popular because of the control it allows and the no mess appeal. With a nail remover pen, you do not have to worry about wasting excess remover and there is practically no mess involved. You can apply the pen directly to the nail. It is also less likely to dry out the skin since you have control of the pen.

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