Today, fashion is probably one of the great interests of the youth and a huge number of serious dressers no matter the age. It is somehow an obsessive hobby to some or something that shows their status in society or it can be a way to channel their own personality.

The internet is filled with all the information and looks you may need or want. There are thousands of videos uploaded under the category of fashion and hundreds of blogs that’s dedicated to fashion as well. For a lot of people who are serious about their looks and would like to show the whole world, there are look-book websites where they can upload their photos with them wearing their own created style.

There are also fashion street style blogs that is managed by one person or a few who goes around the streets of a city or town, taking pictures of the people walking around.

There is a huge gap between the two despite being under the same category, dressing up in fashionable styles.

Street Style is more on what real people are wearing in the day or night while look books online sometimes just show pictures of people who wanted to take photos of themselves wearing something extravagant or too dramatic that they can’t walk out of the house in it.

When it comes to taking photographs, look books online tend to angle the shots so as to make the subject or model look as though he or she is a snob and the people seldom smiles while on the other hand street style blogs offer photographs that are simple and taken to make the subjects look flattering in their clothes and no tricky angles included whatsoever.

Blogs about street style are more realistic as these people who manage their blogs simply go to the parks and take a shot of someone who sports their home-brewed style. Look books as they say are more on the narcissistic side of the wearer as they take photos of themselves and upload it themselves online.

Street style bloggers choose who they want to take photos of and feature on their blog, it is often unsuspected of the subject.

These blogs today can be found by the hundreds and there are a lot of photos to be found by real people wearing real styles on the streets. It inspires a lot of fashion enthusiasts around the globe by simply looking at what others are wearing outside.

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