A patient who suddenly stopped enjoying activities which he used to be enjoying due to reasons of a previous extremely saddening, worrying, and feeling of anxiety, guilt, irritability, hopelessness, worthlessness, emptiness, and restlessness, has depression. This is more than just a sad or loneliness feeling, because people with depression can unknowingly lead to extremely dangerous situations like dragging himself to severe melancholy or even considering ending his own life. Common symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder are for patients to most likely eat little, or worse deprive themselves from eating leading to lower immune system which causes them to be sick and lose weight in a short period of time. For others, it can cause them to indulge into too much eating to a point that they will gain much weight also in a short period of time. A person suffering from depression will also either have more sleep or less sleep.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is often linked to Major Depressive Disorder. Though precise scientific relationship between OCD and depression are yet to be established, experts agree that people with OCD have a higher risk of developing mental illnesses than those without OCD. One of which is Major Depressive Disorder. In fact, depression is the recorded most common companion of OCD. Statistically speaking, two out of three patients of OCD experience at least an episode of major depression in their lifetime.

The link between OCD and depression can be both due to two factors: biological, and psychological. It was found out that for both disorders, the same areas of the brain are affected. They say that it is because depression is a response of the brain over the disturbing needs of obsessions and compulsions.

To recover from OCD, the patient's therapist should be well aware of the depressive behaviour of the sufferer. Only when he knows it critically will he be able to create a tailor-fit program or a specifically designed therapy to cure the special condition of the patient. Therapies such as exposure and response prevention, along with hypnosis are the most common medication for OCD when depression is present.

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The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

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