We bloggers love Blog Templates. When someone visits your Blog for the first time you have to make a great impression. Because if you do there is a much better chance of them coming back time and time again.

One way to impress them is to have great content, illustrated with great pictures. But their first impression of your blog will be its design, and if the combination of color, artwork and font style isn't eye-catching, they might click out right away.

That's why Blog Templates are such an asset, because they allow you to implement a great design without having to build it yourself.

The popular blog sites have a range of Blog Templates for their users. Both Blogger and WordPress have wide variety of templates, or themes, available. You can customise these further to create a unique look.

But once you've used a few of these templates you'll be looking for something new and different. A popular third party WordPress templates is Thesis by Chris Pearson. The problem is that it costs money the developer version is over $ 160. Ideally you want a theme that costs you nothing, but still looks good.

Fortunately there are plenty of places where you can find new templates for free. One great source is EblogTemplates.com, who have over 330 sourced from across the internet and optimised for WordPress and Blogger. Usefully they offer an easy demo of how a themed blog might look, and inevitably they also have plenty of premium templates available for real money.

Another great place to go is blogskins.com, which offers templates for Blogger, Moveable Type and Xanga, all in a friendly and relatively non-commercial environment.

When you are looking for a template it's a good idea to spend time browsing these sites, and don't be afraid to look at the premium offerings as well.

You want to get a feel for what's available and look for inspiration before settling on the look for your own blog.

There are a number of Blogger sites which themselves offer templates, such as blogger-templates or freetemplates, both at blogspot.com.

BlogFashions is another resource for both WordPress and Moveable Type templates. None of these sites have a huge collection, but when combined they present you with a range of opportunities and at the very least they are thought provoking.

It pays to take a look at some of the more popular blogs out there to see what style they have adopted. If you are trying to emulate a particular type of blog you want to be sure that your design follows a similar design style.

While you are looking at around at the template sites, drop in on templatemonster.com. Again, this has plenty of premium offerings which will cost you, but it also has a good range of samples which are available for personal use only.

The world of blogging does not stand still, so even if you find the right template today, you will want to review it in a few months. The good thing is that the number of Blog Templates is constantly increasing, giving you more and more to choose from.

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