When our babies are born we teach them. By our first interactions with them they are to learn. From facial expressions to learning their ABC's parents have taught. When should you stop teaching your kid? The answer is never. Over the years of living you have so much to offer about life and life's lessons. Maybe as they grow up you could use a helping hand in teaching format for a developing lesson.

There are many books to help with this but, most importantly is that you understand that YOU ARE A TEACHER!! You have to believe it before trying to make someone else believe it. I've heard many parents who have said that their kids "they don't listen I'm just ..." Children seldom hold parents as teachers why? It is as if parents are dumb? We as parents don't look at dumb people in high regards so why would our children. In society we are conditioned to think highly of others who hold higher intelligent than ourselves.

If we don't grasp that key point with our children that we are their teacher someone else will.  Someone who holds more intelligent than yourself would get the respect and noted as a teacher.  Take time with you children and let them know that you are they're teacher about life. You teach them what you know and if you do not have the answers you look for them.  Parents are the strongest influence on a childs development and how they will interact with others in life.

The job does not end there it is a parents job to teach many aspects in life whether it be about money, morals, conduct, communication, self respect. etc... You are your children's teacher and you should emphases this to your children.  You will be grateful in years to come when you kid asks you questions about life. You will always be needed in their life for support no matter what.  Without elders who would be your teacher?

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