How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger: Earn $50-$100 a Post and More (Freelance Writers Den)

I got together with some other well-paid bloggers and hosted a series of five one-hour presentations about what it takes to land great-paying blogging gigs — not the $5 kind, but the ones that pay $100-$250 a post and more. In this ebook, you get to listen in on those conversations. Members of Freelance Writers Den got to listen to these chats live and asked us some great follow-up questions, so we’ve included those Q&A sessions as well, at the end of each chapter.


Blogging the Dream - How to Write About What You Love and Get Paid For It (Make Money Blogging)

You've got some things on your mind, you know there's a giant, amazing conversation happening out there, and you want to make your voice heard. You have a room of your own, a mighty pen, and you are poised to launch your blog onto the global stage, to bear your thoughts and fancies, swerves and heartbreaks, pet peeves, diatribes, invective, love letters, fears, mugwumps and everything else – for all the world to interact with, sympathize with and sometimes tear to pieces. And on top of that,


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