Hyperlinkz Book 6: Road Blog

Who Knew Getting Lost Could Be So Much Fun-or So Dangerous? When the Websters leave Normal, Illinois, for a family holiday, Austin and Ashley get pulled right back into the World Wide Web-and this time, Mr. and Mrs. Webster get sucked inside the Internet, too! What began as a relaxing getaway turns into a wacky road trip when they set out to find Lost Lake Resort. Soon, the Websters are stumbling through a long lineup of lost links, like LostKitty-dot-com, the Lost Sea cave, a long-lost Inca city, and a lost round-the-world flight. Ah, but this is no vacation, any more! Because the kids' old rival Mattie Blankenskrean and her assistant Mr. Z still want to wipe out truth on the Internet, and a final showdown with the two drags the whole Webster family into real danger. Can the Websters escape Mattie and find their way back to Normal. before they're deleted for good? Check out the HyperLinkz Guide to Safe Surfing for cool true trivia and Web backgrounders! Don't miss any of the exciting HyperLinkz adventures! Book 1: Digital DisasterBook 2: Fudge FactorBook 3: Web JamBook 4: Spam AlertBook 5: Hack AttackBook 6: Road Blog

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