Tina the Detective / Tina La Detective

(back cover) Tina, the Detective Tina, la detective Tina wants to make friends with the new girl next door, but she gets off to a bad start. Then, when things start to disappear, Tina gets the blame. But who is the real thief? The parallel text will help you to find out-in English and French! Have fun with new French words and phrases from the story on the quiz page. Let's Read! is a series of bilingual storybooks for children who are independent readers. Children will enjoy exploring their new language with these original, exciting, and varied stories. The parallel text, pictures, and speech bubbles provide a child-friendly bridge to reading-and speaking-in another language. Also Available: Danny's Blog/Le blog de Danny The Twins and the Time Machine/ Les jumeaux et la machine du temps Where's Toto?/Ou est Toto?

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