PLEASE READ ME!: Today's video is a little different. I knew it was something I wanted to share this month. I'd had this in the batch of pre-filmed videos in case I couldn't vlog. Yesterday I literally spent the whole day in bed grading student papers and discussion board posts and doing class prep. Not very vlog-worthy lol. I will try to vlog today to have another vlog for Day 12. This was difficult to film. Fibromyalgia is something I'm still struggling to talk about. I have a tendency to downplay a lot of my experiences (because who wants to listen to someone talk about how they're always in pain and feel like crap?) But not talking about it doesn't really help either. I was encouraged by another YouTuber (Becca over at Saturn dazed74) to put up my story here. Since I had already been thinking about it the timing was perfect and it seemed like the gentle nudge I needed. So here we go. Thank you for your time. xx

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Random Fact: I don't have a fact today, but if you read this I'd love to hear your experience with fibro if you have it as well, and if you don't but have watched the video and read this box, I'd love if you would leave me some purple hearts 💜 (for fibro awareness) and unicorns 🦄 (because they're cool lol).

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For the last three years I've been living Fibromyalgia pain free by going gluten, dairy, and soy free. But every now and then I'll get a Fibro flare that lasts about day. In this video I talk about the three triggers that cause flares (besides eating gluten or dairy) and what I do to manage the pain. Click "Show More"↓

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New York City Travel Vlog | 2016

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Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel, thanks so much for watching. Today's video is a vlog from my recent trip to NYC. I had the most amazing time so I really hope you enjoy it!

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5 Gluten free friendly places to eat in NYC - http://www.theellenextdoor.com/2016/09/NycGlutenfree.html

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Hi you lovely lot! Today's video is a New York vlog from one of my favourite ever trips with Ally. We laughed all day long, ate all the food and just soaked up New York life. It was just THE BEST.

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