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Learn how to configure your WordPress dashboard so that your blogging foundation is strong and secure. This video will walk you through six essential pro blogging tips, and show you how to set up your blog so that you can quickly scale and grow your digital platform.

How to Configure Your WordPress Dashboard

1. Change Display Name - 3:05
2. Turn Off Comments - 4:34
3. Change Permalink Settings - 5:23
4. Delete Unnecessary Plugins - 7:31
5. Install Recommended Plugins - 8:40
6. Update Site Title - 11:34

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A Day In My Life! Stay-At-Home Mom 2016

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November Income Report

What we’re going to get into today is my November 2016 Blog Income Report. And it completely knocked my socks off. I had no idea this was going to happen. I was talking to my other blogging friends and asking them: “Well, how does a business blog actually make money over the holidays?”

This is tricky. People are out shopping for Christmas. Who wants to start a blog in November and December? So I was expecting really low months.

Since starting my blog, (I am giving you a little recap) I started on January 16, 2016. (I say January 28th in the video - I don't know where I came up with this number? Maybe I was thinking about something else when I was talking so darn fast :)) By June, I worked my little tushy off and I started really monetizing. I wrote my e-book in May. I launched it in June. In June, I made a thousand dollars. In July, ,700. August, was over ,000. So it’s just been growing. September was over ,000. October, over ,000. It’s just insane.

So when we hit the holidays season, I was not expecting November to be big. But it was. And I made so many mistakes and so many things went wrong. I’ll tell you about all of them in this post. But I made over ,000 dollars. That’s hard to say out loud. I might cry. That’s really hard to say out loud. Thank you so much to everybody. This is a lot. This means a lot to me. (Watch the video around minute 2:00 to see me almost break down)

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Siteground: ,625

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Divi Theme: 8

Total Income: ,042


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Total Expenses: 8

Total Profit: ,525


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- Larki Beautiful Kar Gayi Chull (Kapoor & Sons)
- Imran Khan - Satisfiya
- Imran Khan - Imaginary Girl
- NCS - Electro-Light Symbolism
- Imran Khan - Amplifier

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Hi Loves! It's beginning to look a lot like, not Christmas, my wedding day!! In this vlog, I'm sharing a full week of my activities preparing my wedding stuffs with the help of Hilda from Bridestory. Not forgetting pampering myself with a good spa and also a sneak peek of my surprise-dance lesson with my girls! Hope you'd enjoy! xx

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