In this video, you'll learn the exact monetization methods I use to make money blogging. So if you've been wondering how to make money blogging in 2017, you're in the right place. I'll give you some of the "big picture" strategy tips you need to get started blogging for money!

Oh and spoiler alert: using ads is NOT one of the methods I recommend – at least not if you're blogging for money with the goal of creating a full-time income.





0:35 – 3 ways I monetize my blog (+ the #1 method I recommend!)
3:22 – Why you should stop seeing blog posts as your income source
4:32 – How to pick the best blog niche
4:52 – Growing your traffic
5:45 – You will NOT grow your traffic and audience if...
6:42 – Understanding your sales funnel
7:07 – How to grow your email list on autopilot (+ example!)
8:44 – The dangers of attracting the wrong audience
9:07 – The "working backwards" method that will help you become profitable faster
9:47 – How to build an audience for your services (freelance writing, virtual assisting, etc.)
11:10 – Free blogging course (linked above!)

...If you want even more detail and want me to turn this into a "make money blogging" series, please let me know in the comments below!

Obviously, there's a lot more to blogging than what can fit in a single YouTube video. Would love to go more in-depth on the process of getting traffic, launching products, getting affiliate income, etc. 🙂


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Hi! I'm Jorden Roper. I'm a 3-time college drop-out (#Goals) who grew a K/mo freelance writing business after getting FIRED from my full-time job.

I run a blog, Writing Revolt, where I teach writers and bloggers how to create/market killer content and make a full-time income online.


What questions do you have about how to make money blogging? Ask away in the comments section below!
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Here you have 10 themes I liked. Instead of my opinion which one is better I decided to record the demo of all of them so you can be the judge and choose the best-looking one for you.

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----------------------------------------- Themes ---------------------------------------------------
1 - http://bit.ly/ColorNewsTheme
2 - http://bit.ly/NewsdeskTheme
3 - http://bit.ly/NewsmagTheme
4 - http://bit.ly/MagzmaTheme
5 - http://bit.ly/ThePortalTheme
6 - http://bit.ly/BresponziveTheme
7 - http://bit.ly/ReviewZineTheme
8 - http://bit.ly/MagazineLiteTheme
9 - http://bit.ly/IonmagTheme
10 - http://bit.ly/IslemagTheme

----------------------------------------- Music ------------------------------------------------------

Good For You by THBD https://soundcloud.com/thbdsultan
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/-K_YSjqKgvQ

http://woospot.com Is the best of the free blog hosting sites. Take advantage of the Premium Woothemes, Absolutely Free!

Best WordPress Blogs To Follow & Read in 2017

We put together video of the best WP blogs which we recommend to follow. For more details about these blogs visit https://www.slidedeck.com/best-wordpress-guru-blogs-follow/

Having the right resources is quite important when it comes to working with WordPress. It applies to beginners or skilled WP users. There is always need for finding the right template, how to tutorial or resolving a issue. In this video we have the most reputable and recommended blogs in the industry. The all have kind of different purpose and content. We tried to choose various topic based websites in order to have "full power portfolio" of best WP reads.

Feel free to check article above and suggest in the comment which blog you would add to the list. There is plenty of them out there and we might have missed some of the the big ones. We will be happy to bring you an update, add more and bring more value to the article.
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In this vode you can view 5 best free wordpress blog themes 2017.These are also responsive.Some themes may have a pro version.

Weblink : http://www.tutoricks.com/wordpress/5-best-free-wordpress-blog-themes-2017/

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WordPress: https://goo.gl/ghZe2E
Android: https://goo.gl/40KNmb
Windows : https://goo.gl/UP4svw
Tips and tricks: https://goo.gl/bnkdfC

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In this video, we’ll feature the 20 best WordPress blog themes for 2017 & 2018.

We’ve reviewed 100’s, if not 1,000s of WordPress themes, taking into account speed, design, ease of use, mobile responsiveness and functionality to bring you the very best WordPress blog themes.

Follow along with the post at: http://lurndigital.com/best-blog-wordpress-themes/
How to choose a WordPress theme article: http://lurndigital.com/how-to-choose-a-wordpress-theme/

Discount hosting + a free domain w/ bluehost: http://lurndigital.com/go/bluehost-discount/

Recommended videos:
How to Seup a WordPress Blog: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDgMc17HSPk

Best WordPress themes for business covered in this video:
1:17 | 1. Olsen WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/olsen
3:15 | 2. The Voux WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/the-voux
5:14 | 3. TheBlogger WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/theblogger
6:59 | 4. Foodica WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/foodica
7:41 | 5. Writing WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/writing
8:14 | 6. Paperbag WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/paperbag
8:57 | 7. The Chatter WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/the-chatter
9:37 | 8. Super Grid WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/super-grid
10:24 | 9. Wrap WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/wrap
11:03 | 10. The Motion WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/the-motion
11:41 | 11. MyBlog WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/myblog
12:14 | 12. Relive WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/relive
13:08 | 13. BuzzBlog WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/buzzblog
13:44 | 14. Brixton WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/brixton
14:18 | 15. The Essence WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/the-essence
15:04 | 16. Divi WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/divi
15:41 | 17. BloggingBox WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/bloggingbox
16:17 | 18. Rosemary WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/rosemary
16:55 | 19. Viral Pro WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/viral-pro
17:28 | 20. Modern Studio Pro WordPress Theme: http://lurndigital.com/go/modern-studio-pro

Top WordPress theme providers:
CSSigniter: http://lurndigital.com/go/cssigniter/
Themeisle: http://lurndigital.com/go/themeisle/
Themefuse: http://lurndigital.com/go/themefuse
Elegant Themes: http://lurndigital.com/go/divi-discount
Tesla Themes: http://lurndigital.com/go/tesla-themes/
Lipode: http://lurndigital.com/go/lipode
StudioPress: http://lurndigital.com/go/studiopress-themes/
MyThemeShop: http://lurndigital.com/go/mythemeshop
Template Monster: http://lurndigital.com/go/template-monster-themes/
Themify: http://lurndigital.com/go/themify/
wpzoom: http://lurndigital.com/go/wpzoom/
richwp: http://lurndigital.com/go/richwp/
Mojo Marketplace: http://lurndigital.com/go/mojo-marketplace/
Themeforest: http://lurndigital.com/go/themeforest-wordpress/
themejunkie: http://lurndigital.com/go/theme-junkie/

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Top 10 Best Blog WordPress Themes 2017 (Blogging WP Themes)

In this video, you'll find top 10 best blog WordPress themes that will help you start a stunning blogging blog/site with a unique style & design. These are premium & packed with tons of features themes that help you gain rank & user's attention in no time after installing the theme.

If you were searching for best WordPress themes then Bestify channel & this video is the best choice for you to find some useful blog wp themes. Links to each theme has been added. Here are links to each theme.

#1: FocusBlog
#2: MyBlog
#3:- Herald
#4:- Voice
#5:- Schema
#6:- Sahifa
#7:- Nexus
#8:- Avada
#9:- The Daily Dish Pro
#10:- NewsX

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