Writing Tips - (For Non-Writers) Blogs, Bios and Business, Oh My!

Why do we need to write in our Photography Business?

We know how tough it is, especially if you feel that writing is not for you, to compose an introduction of yourself or a blog post for your website or even a caption for your Social Media posts.

This short video will give you a couple of tips and ideas on how to write effectively that you may be able to show your sincerity and connect with your clients. focused on making you a better photographer.

We make it super simple for aspiring photographers to discover how to take way better photos in less time without the usual frustration & stress.

We have all the resources to completely transform your photography and put you on the fast track.

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Blogging - How To Find Writers For Your Blog

Want to quickly find bloggers who will write content for your blog? In this blogging video you will learn the BEST ways to find writers who can create content on your blog. You can download our 212 blog post ideas by clicking right here -

Timestamps Below

0:13 - Getting Started With Google

0:38 - Evaluating Other Blogs

1:15 - Example Of A Winning Blog For Finding Writers

2:05 - Second Approach To Finding Guest Bloggers

2:49 - PDF Download Of Our Ultimate List Of Blog Post Ideas

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Blogging How To Find Writers For Your Blog



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