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This video is going to quickly give you a run-down of the difference between Blogger and Blogspot.

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Blogger and Blogspot are actually both owned by Google but they do two rather different things. It's hard to look at Blogger vs Blogspot as they are different services.

Step # 1 -- Blogger

First, let's explain Blogger. This is the standard blogging service from Google. If you visit "" you will see your blogs dashboard (if you don't have a blog you will be able to log in and create one). You can use Blogger to create posts and put them online -- this is essentially what Blogger is -- a straightforward blogging platform.

Step # 2 -- Blogspot

Now, Blogspot ties in very closely with this is it is where the blogs from Blogger are actually hosted. So, when we click on the "View blog" button in our Blogger dashboard we will be taken to a URL that has ".blogspot" in it, following on from your blogs chosen name. This is essentially what Blogspot is -- the place that Google hosts your blog.

Step # 3 -- Custom URLs

Until recently it was possible to use Blogger but not Blogspot, by using Blogger to create your blog but hosting it on your own site. Now users have to use Blogspot to host, but they can buy a custom URL if they wish. This can be bought by going back to the Blogger dashboard, clicking the "More options" icon, then clicking settings. Click "Add a custom domain" on this page to get more information about buying an address. This has just been a quick rundown of Blogger vs Blogspot.
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