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Quick Tutorial on how to replace the standard blog layout with a PAGE using the POSTS, POST CAROUSEL and POST SLIDER modules from Beaver Builder to create different blog layouts ON A PAGE .

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One Day Website

We learn to transform our HTML layouts into layouts that use Blade! Blade is the templating engine that is part of Laravel. Blade has many uses, but the one we focus on today is a way to better organize our code.

With layouts we can set a default template that our project uses and then have all the code for our navigation, headers, titles, etc in only one place and not duplicated throughout our Laravel 5.2 application. This means that when fixing bugs, we only have to look in one place and fix it once to resolve the issue. Also when adding new features (such as the footer in this video) we only have to add it in one place and that new feature can be instantly propagated to every page that uses that layout.


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The basic problem here is the lack of protein. It is very important for a person doing weight training to have an efficient supply of protein in his diet or to use a protein intensive Muscle Builder with his food, especially if he is a vegetarian.

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All muscles are made up of protein, which unfortunately enough does not get stored in the body and the body does not tend to build up protein reserves. Thus proteins must be supplemented into the body and can be taken in the form of protein rich food, or as body builders prefer it, taking protein supplements also known as muscle builder supplements.

A good gym can analyze your requirement based on your daily food intakeand suggest the correct muscle building supplement. The most popular of these being a whey protein supplement. Many gyms offer free muscle builder supplements and most gyms and internet sites also hand out Muscle builder samples so that you can try before you buy!

Happy Muscle Building!

How a Free Website Builder Can Increase Your Business Exposure
A free website builder is a great tool for both small and large businesses. A blog is a simple, effective tool that can provide customers with the information that they need about your products and to provide them with insider information about your company. A blog can also increase your business exposure if you use it as a business tool.

Ideas for Increasing Exposure

A free blog builder is a tool that can bring in more customers if you are using your blog to promote your business. For example, some companies host giveaways for free samples or discounts on their blog while others provide customers with information on new products and services that are coming out. No matter what you offer customers who are reading the blog you need to keep the posts current by updating frequently if you want to increase exposure.

Using a free website builder is very simple. The blog can be customized with a theme that reflects the colors of your company logo, and you also get to choose the name of your blog. Try keeping the name of your blog the same, or very similar, to your company name for best results. You will also want to keep your posts very professional to reflect the way that you conduct your business. A personal blog, rather than a business blog, is more suitable for posting your personal opinions.

How Do I Make My Blog?

The free website builder than you choose will provide you with easy to use features to allow you to build your blog easily. You can add widgets, html text, photos, and contact information to your blog easily. All of these effective features are built into your blog, so you simply have to add them as needed to build your new blog.

Adam Dukes is a free lance writer, who has prepared this article on behalf of They specialize in free website design.

Download the silo plugin FREE: New instructions for how to use the manual options in our wp silo blog builder plugin.
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