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Christian Marketing: Video Blogging Strategy

So why should you consider video blogging as part of your business or Christian marketing strategy?

* Video offers a more comprehensive experience.You can show more emotion, share the heart and passion to connect with your audience.
* Many people prefer watching a video explaining an idea or thought than reading the printed information.One recent study concluded that people were six times more likely to watch a video than reading printed information to understand a subject.
* Many are learning how to make money with a blog by incorporating video. It's a powerful affiliate marketing strategy as well.
* You can identify your video to your own domain name. Basically, it's worth repeating. You can control the videos shown on your page! You don't have to worry about something inappropriate being shown near your videos.
* Video blogging can be an extension of your ministry. By video blogging, you can start your own "channel", your own video ministry, sharing your anointing and gifts to thousands.

How to get started

So you are ready to use video for Christian marketing or promotion in your blog?

Getting started with adding video to your blog is easier and easier these days. I have had extensive experience using all sorts of cameras through the years. Today, there are more quality cameras that are coming out with lower price tags.

The easiest and fastest way to start is to get The Flip Camera!

I am amazed over and over again by how easy it is to use. My kids love it. They are always taking it with them wherever they go. I usually have to hide it if I want to use it!

How easy is it? My 6 year old son got a hold of the Flip Video camera this past summer and shot himself singing. I made his little adventure into a "Flip YouTube Video Moment", a great fun post for any video blog!

Other pocket size cameras include the Creative Labs Vado Pocket Video Camcorder, Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera, and DXG DXG-567VKC 5.0 Megapixel High-Definition Pocket Digital Video Camera In Clamshell.

One reason why I like the Flip Video camera is the "Flip" out device that can be inserted into your computer. You insert it to one of your USB ports, download some software that comes with the camera, and you have the basic means to save the video to your computer and upload them to your blog. If you want to get a little fancier, there are some quality inexpensive software you can buy to give you more options, such as adding your link to your video blog or website at the bottom of the video.
Be real and "shoot" from the heart.

To really get this video blogging started and on its way, you have to be willing to take the time to be real, set the camera up, and shoot! Don't be afraid. Share from the heart. Forget your ego and what YOU look like. It's not about you, it's about them! You have the opportunity to help that person who may stumble upon your blog site, needing a word of hope. Granted, you don't want to be in your hair rollers or bathrobe when you are on camera, but don't "wig out" over a bad hair day.

Finally, the video wave is starting to roll across the internet. Now is the time to take the necessary steps to get a camera and ride the wave! One thing you will notice in the end is more traffic to your blog site, more people reading and hearing about your ministry, and more hearts touched by your anointing!

Theresa Croft is a business and ministry marketing consultant for social media and video marketing strategies to help with online preaching, promotion, and profits. She offers access to a free training series. Check it out by clicking here:

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Developing into the strong believer which God desires for your life will involve some challenging circumstances and situations which will create maturity and growth. This concept is shared on the pastor blog for free and will assist you in learning how to pay the price needed for spiritual growth. Christain blog posts and articles provide information on spiritual growth that will assist you in maturing in Christ more quickly. Spiritual maturity is an essential part of growing in Christ and is accomplished as we yield to the training that our heavenly Father has for us. The Lord will often lead you into areas and places that you really don't want to go. All good things require a price to be paid and this is true of spiritual growth as well. Christian blogs will give you the information needed to assist you on this journey and will help you to understand the process of growth.

Parents understand that in order for their child to grow in maturity they must be exposed to some challenging situations. Spiritual leaders understand this principle and apply this concept to their spiritual children’s lives as they assist them in walking through challenges in their life. The scripture says that Jesus learned from the things that He suffered. This scripture is referring to the things that Father God allowed in Jesus’ life to bring maturity. There are things in our life which we must allow or suffer in order to gain maturity. God is a perfect example of a Father and just as a natural Father would not put tragedy or sickness on their child in order to teach them, neither will our heavenly Father. We are simply talking about pressures and issues in life that bring challenges that assist us in developing maturity. All things of value cost something and spiritual growth is no different. The call of spiritual growth is especially important if we desire to walk in the Spirit. We must consistently push forward even when things get rough, especially when things get rough. The tests in life will try us and will reveal the strength of Christ. When we are weak He is strong.

Christian blogs provide members of the body of Christ with the wisdom and strength needed for walking through challenging situations and coming out as a champion. We are more than conquerors through Christ who strengthens us. You can avoid becoming paralyzed by fear as you reach out and take the helping hand of a Christian blog. The wealth of wisdom available will assist you in walking in a lifestyle of faith despite the situations challenging your belief and faith. As you learn to say despite the situation I believe the Word of God, you will see the manifestation of victory and the goodness of God.

Grab a hold of the hand of strong Christian believer as you walk your walk of faith. Christian blogs address the challenges of maturing and the need for believers to walk through the challenges in life in order to be strengthened into true conquerors. The Bible tells us to stand and stand therefore despite challenges that come our way. Consistently standing and consistently moving forward in your walk with Jesus Christ will develop your maturity and strengthen your believe system in the Word of God above all else. A Christian blog will provide you with wisdom that keeps your focused and advancing in your spiritual walk with God. is a Christian blog site and is an excellent source for Christian blogs designed to encourage pastors, church leaders, and all believers to continue fighting for the cause of their Faith.

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Social networking is about communities. But with the freedom of expression, profanity, and pornography rampant on the internet, many Christians are looking for social networking sites to uphold a certain level of standards.

I've compiled a list of the Top Christian Social Networking Sites on the web today.


Tangle is about expression. A place where you can personalize and express what makes you, you. Tangle allows those to share content (albeit first reviewed by the customer care team) including videos, music, photos and other material. It's video portion (formally known as GodTube) was ranked in value at $ 30 million from GLG Partners (quite a far shy from the $ 1.6B tag of YouTube) a cult favorite.

Find feature artists and receive free mp3's just for joining.

2. The myspace equivilent for Christians. This faith based Social Networking Sites mirrors the mega-phenom Myspace by allowing you to make friends, shout out, rank, post blogs, even chat on forum and group listings. Music, videos, and games round out the mix of Godly fun. It's a members only site with free registration.


When looking at Christian Social Networking sites, you can't leave out those focused on the church. offers free social networking for Christian Churches. You can create a network for your church, share photos, invite members, even post last Sunday's sermon. Essential for linking this web 2.0 crazed nation we have together.


FaithLight gets my nod for the prettiest design and easiest to navigate, not only does it contain my essentials to make this list (a way to connect with individuals and share media *photos, video, audio*) there is also a large focus on the Bible and prayer requests. FL has a fully trained Christian staff that is also very dedicated to keeping the act of making new friends, a safe one.


I couldn't resist. This premier online dating service is for our Christian singles. We know it's hard to meet people online, and I'm a living proof that really works. My husband and I met on that site! Post a profile, browse for free, even interact via live video and chat.

You can initiate contact for free and even communicate anonymously to start.

Dominate Your Industry With Proven Strategies Both ONLINE & OFFLINE Through Referral & Web-based Marketing. Are you wanting to start a blog of your own? What exactly do you want your blog to accomplished? Many Christians are now making money online with blogging. There are several things you should know about blogs to be successful.
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