Is there much point running a blog if no one is reading your content? Do you really want to spend hours researching, writing and re-writing your articles if nobody is ever going to read them? In the early days of your blog it is hard to get traffic, but if you proactively promote your blog you can quickly build a readership through commenting on other blogs in your niche.

Most new bloggers comment on blogs to gain a bit of traction. Many of today's most popular bloggers also followed this route, but when a blog reaches a certain level the blogger often stops commenting on other blogs because there is less need to. The traffic and reputation are in place. They do however, use other ways to communicate with their readers, outside of their blog, Twitter and Facebook are the most popular methods they use.

For newer bloggers however, the situation is different. Traffic is sometimes hard to come by, especially during the embryonic stage (which can last up to 12 months and sometimes beyond). For this reason it is important to get yourself out there and indulge in a little self promotion. There is no need to feel embarrassed about it. Everybody is doing it. Just like in the offline world, you make your own luck.

A good analogy is the approach of the sales rep. If he where to stay at home all day and not knock on any doors or make any phone calls, he wouldn't make any sales. A blogger can stay at home all day and write some amazingly insightful blog posts, but, unless they get out there and promote them, no one is ever going to read a word they have written. It's a hard life being an unread blogger, but there are ways to increase your chances of being read.

One of the best methods of attracting attention is to comment on blogs in your niche. This is a great way to build links, but, it is also a great way to build a reputation for yourself and attract readers to your blog. If people like your comments, there is a good chance they will click on the link in your signature and visit your blog.

Posting comments on blogs is a good thing. It can help build your network and gain traction for your blog. However, there are guidelines to follow. If you follow a few simple blog comm
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Blog comments are the comments which make a blog interactive and social. The most popular blogs have a very interactive community who voice their opinions on posts frequently. Blog comments are nothing but the responses which are found right below and given to a specific blog post posted by the author. With fresh content posted, these are maintained at regular intervals of time. In internet market strategies, it is most important technique so the visibility of your website is improved and it successfully reaches the target audience. Comments are the social aspect which makes blogs such a powerful component of the social web. Blog comments permits readers to join in on the conversation about a topic that interests them.

Blog comments are the lifeblood of a blog which separate a blog from a static website. You can encourage your readers to join in the discussion and leave comments. Readers respond rapidly to the comments left by your readers to make them feel valued. One of the most interesting features of blog comments is the fact which people who leave comments on your blog can also leave links to other blogs or websites or their own blogs to further the conversation. To help you find new blogs to read, these links can be a great resource, like minded bloggers, and new post ideas. On your blog, bloggers can leave trackbacks through blog comments when they link to your blog posts on their blogs. Trackbacks are one more way to help you relationships with other bloggers. It also helps you to drive new traffic to your blog from the links on those other blogs.

Blog comments, not only helps in offering an interactive platform but it also helps in an effective way in which one can build a great brand image for their website. There are various experts who offer blog commenting service and they will leave a blog comment that is relevant and perfect in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Blog Commenting service will help you to give a fillip to your website rank in the search engine results page.

Blurbpoint offers blog commenting service service in dofollow forum with link guarantee in our Manual Dofollow Blog Comments service as per the respective package. After completing forum link building work we send detail report of each forum post.

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As a writer, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your content is actually successful. Feedback is important because it encourages the writer to continue writing and can also provide direction. Aside from stat tracking software, it becomes difficult to test whether the content on your page is actually doing its job. If you are one of the many users with a blog, you can take advantage of the comment system to get feedback from your audience. We will look at how to engage your reader in order to solicit comments from them.

Engaging Your Reader

Have you ever read a news article that left you with questions of your own? When we read things, if they affect us, those things usually stick with us. If you want repeat traffic, ask the reader a few questions. As you write, look for openings to question ideas and provide opinion and insight.

A well placed question is often very effective at garnering some extra attention. It also provides space for you to answer that question and present a different point of view. The action of asking the question forces the reader to attempt to answer that question in his or her mind. When you provide an answer to a question that does not sync up with the reader's perspective, you open a space for you to make your case.

A well developed argument is a great way to get comments. Try getting 10 people to agree on one thing, it can be a difficult task. When we argue with others, we find that they usually do not side with us. If you encourage an open discussion of ideas on your blog, your comments will flow.

Blog Presentation

Having great visual content can also help encourage comments. This is especially useful for bloggers just starting out. Taking time to design a blog header, learning how to manipulate colors on your blog, and inserting pictures within your content helps give off a slick visual appeal readers will come to appreciate.

When your blog reflects the work you put into it, readers are also more willing to accept what you have to say. Simple layouts do still have their place. A news or gossip blog may not need a fancy header, but could benefit from stock photos with captions. Take time to test the appearance of your blog. If you are using WordPress, there are a multitude of themes you can install, some of which are free. Find the theme that's best for you and your blog.


Controversy is a great way to solicit comments from your users. The moment you present a counter point, or take a mocking tone, your readers have a reaction. Remember that a good writer chooses every word that he or she uses, so take time to use language that may have an antagonizing effect.

You don't want to bad mouth or slander people or issues; however a colorful and argumentative approach is a great way to engage the reader. Challenge their beliefs and they will defend them.

Readers often won't just "take your word for it." This is why you should take time to cite your sources. When you are constructing your article, look for other articles covering the same or similar topics. Other writer's can provide fuel for your article if you know where to look. Remember that when you link your users, make sure you set the link to open in a new window. When you give the reader background, you challenge them to finish reading your article and ultimately comment with their own opinion.

The hardest part of any blog is to get that first comment. People rarely want to be the first to do anything, so if you can get one, you can get a million. It takes time and a well constructed, provocative article. Remember to engage the reader on as many levels as you can, visually, argumentatively, and controversially. As you spread your link around, you can literally watch your comments grow!

Richard Bashara has been blogging for 8 years and is an expert writer for a variety of topics on He consults small businesses on adapting to the internet market place, and currently writes articles and blogs for a wide array of publishers and topics.

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Every blogger would like to get comments on his blog as it is an indication that your content is being read and it encourages you to blog even more. Being a blog master of your own blog, you also need to respond to the comments you receive for your blog posts. However, it becomes a tedious task to respond personally to each and every comment you receive, once your traffic to your blog increases. Well of course, this is as per the assumption that as blog traffic increases more visitors will respond to your blogs and things will get eventful. It is always recommended to do your best to respond to those comments yourself, but simultaneously you should also formulate some strategy or a system to manage your comments.

Here, we will discuss how we can manage your blog to run in a systematic fashion. We will see how we can review, respond and even discard comments on your site.

Schedule your time
Save some time from your usual routine to respond to any comments you receive on your blog. Schedule it accordingly. You also need to monitor the traffic on your blog as it will have a directly proportional effect on the number of comments or remarks you receive. You then may be required to reschedule your pre-fixed time according to the amount of traffic or the amount of comments you receive.

Never ignore your visitors
Every feedback that you receive for your posts is valuable and should never be overlooked. We can find many blog postings that do not allow visitors to post any comments even though a blogging platform is based on the concept of social networking. Comments are invaluable as it helps you to know what people think about your postings. Always try to reply if it requires any response.

Reply to all
It is indispensable to read through the remarks you receive as it provides you with a general idea of what people thinking. In some scenarios it is viable to create a ‘mass' response system that will tackle questions and concerns.

Blog comments are significant to the popularity of your site. Your blog's popularity is measured by the number of comments which are posted by visitors. As the blog owner respond to as many remarks as you can.

By: Francis David

Francis helps people learn about Dish TV Satellite TV, and how they can save money every month with popular Dish Network Programming packages. Francis and his team also help people determine if Hughesnet is right for them.

Francis helps people learn about Dish TV Satellite TV, and how they can save money every month with popular Dish Network Programming packages. Francis and his team also help people determine if Hughesnet is right for them.

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