Ashley Graham introduces Beauty Blogger, Patrick Starrr to assist the models in a challenge where they must host a beauty tutorial using a unique set of tools.


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America's Next Top Model, the most successful and longest-running fashion reality TV series in history, returns to the runway and the BOSS is back! After stepping away, Tyra Banks returns and is ready to take this season to the next level - next level fierce, that is. The competition will once again feature an all-female cast competing for the crown, but this time around the age limit has been lifted. America's Next Top Model is at the forefront of celebrating models of all shapes, sizes, colors, and now ages. Season 24 of ANTM struts back onto the VH1 stage with returning judges Drew Elliott, Law Roach and Ashley Graham, alongside an ensemble of new experts and a whole new set of prizes in the city where dreams are made: Los Angeles. This season of America's Next Top Model will uplift, inspire and entertain while continuing to redefine the definition of beauty.

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Patrick Starrr Leads A Creative Beauty Blog Challenge ‘Sneak Peek’ | America's Next Top Model
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