There are a lot of websites that allow you to create a free banner by providing you with several free templates. All you have to do is to select a template, add your text and literally create your banner design in a matter of seconds only. However, the down side is that the company (that provides you with free templates) also uses their URL or company name on your banner. Now, I wonder why people wonder why their banner designs are not giving them the results they are striving for. Well, if your market is thinking of you as a cheap business that can't even afford a banner, then why will they buy your products or show interest in acquiring your services.


Now, it is very clear that the best practice should be to create a custom banner design instead of using a template. However, to ensure that people truly understand the power of customized banners and why they should avoid using templates, we need to explore this subject in great detail and take a look at some important factors that can totally break your banner and ruin you marketing campaigns. So, let's take a look at these important factors now.


Personal Touch:


To make your marketing campaigns successful, you have to give them a personal touch. Copying and using someone else's ideas will never help you succeed in the world of marketing and you will end up ruining your credibility. Hence, it is crucial that you give a personal touch to your banner to help you correctly represent your business model. If your banner is unable to tell your market that what your business is about, you will have trouble winning their trust. Therefore, people will avoid clicking your banner and your CTR or click thru rate will go down. No clicks mean zero visitors to your site.


Don't Look Cheap:


If you are selling expensive products but are using a free template to create your banner design, then know this, you will soon end up ruining your business image. Your market will think of you as unprofessional and amateur. If you can't spend a few bucks to create a custom banner design, then will you spend to provide quality products to your customers? Well, this is the question that your market will want to know. Of course, they won't contact you to find out. They will simply ignore you and go elsewhere.


Don't Look Like a Copycat:


The problem with templates is that they are widely available and anyone can use them. If you consider your business to be unique in its own way then your banner design should be unique as well. Using a template will make you look like a copycat without any creativity at all. So, ensure that your banner is always customized.


See, using a customized banner will allow you to give it a personal and unique touch. It will allow you to convey your message in a powerful way because your designer will even change the colors and layout according to your message.


So, the best thing is to go for a custom banner design instead of a template.

Sha Amen is an expert writer in the field of graphic designing and loves to write about Banner Design and Custom Logo Design to educate the masses.

How often have you found yourself with something to say relating to your website or business, but unable to get the word out in a convenient, affordable way? Traditional advertising doesn't always give you the platform that you want or need. After all, what do you do if all you want is to weigh in on an issue currently in the media? Or you wish to make your customers and potential customers aware of some cause that you and your business happen to be taking part in? What if you just want to offer a fun way to increase public relations?
That is where creative blog design comes in. The biggest mistake many make in ecommerce is assuming that blogs are a personal tool for entertainment purposes only. More and more, business owners are attaching blogs to their existing companies and websites to create a new way to communicate with their target audience, or expand it to draw in a wider array of customers. Reaching a client base is only one of the benefits of creative blog design, however.
Another major benefit of blogging is what I call the 'It' factor. Online businesses are so similar, and it is hard to convey a sense of originality to your customers through a layout alone. Website design can only take you so far, which is where creative blog design comes in. You can really instill confidence in your products by giving a regularly updated stream of posts relating to what is going on in your company, the more personalized the better. People love entertainment, and if you can bring an element of that to the way you sell, you will have 'It', and a clear edge above your competitors.
The next benefit is marketing surveys. There is no better way to get an idea of how your products are doing, as well as what others can be developed, than by using a blog. Visitor comments are an invaluable resource of information, and will give you all the data you need without having to use the usual complicated statistics that can take months to gather. Imagine putting out a new brand or product and being able to get an immediate response to it. It saves time, money, effort, and will improve your marketability long-term. It also shows customers that you care about their opinions, which will always bring them back.
The last benefit is all about the numbers. SEO and similar niche marketing methods can only go so far in bringing you business, and ditto on expensive advertising. Blogs, however, are given a distinct priority in most search engines, including MSN, Yahoo, and Google. This will bump your blog results ahead of your business results, which is plenty of reason to turn to creative blog design, if only to give you more hits and traffic.
In the end blogging in and of itself may not be much more than a way for teens to express their love over the latest pop icon. But when incorporated into a business you will find that it will not only create a closer link between you and your current customers, but it will create further opportunities within your company that can boost sales, open up additional revenue, and just give you a more stable position in the world of ecommerce.

Having a Creative Blog Design is a search engine magnet and can drastically increase your search engine rankings. If you need to establish a Creative Blog Design feel free to visit Custom Blog Development by [MN]

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A good color scheme can make or break a web design. Colors affect the mood and feeling a visitor will have on your site. Learn how to pick a cohesive color scheme that will give your website the desired feel.

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One of the first questions you’ll need to address when you begin to create a website is which colors to choose for the design. Not surprisingly, a website’s color palette is one of the first things that site visitors notice, which is why it has such a fundamental part in the overall design process.

Colors influence a website’s look and style, but also play a significant role in that site’s performance. In other words, the colors you choose for your website can impact its success in terms of visit duration, returning users, click rates, or sales.

So how do we proceed with choosing the perfect colors for a professional website? This is where color theory comes into play. Color theory is an important concept in art and design.

At the heart of color theory is the Color Wheel. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. It looks like this. [show in VG]

The color wheel is an illustrated organization of colors, based on the relationship between them. The base of the wheel is comprised of the three primary colors – red, blue and yellow. Added between those are the secondary colors – green, orange and purple.

In the elementary color wheel, which has 12 colors, the additional six tertiary colors are added, formed as a mix of the primary and secondary ones – yellow-green, green-blue, blue-purple, purple-red, red-orange, orange-yellow. Also common is the 24 hues color wheel, which has a more elaborate breakdown.

The color wheel is divided into two general categories: warm colors, which revolve around yellow, orange and red – including most brown hues – and on the opposite side are the cool colors, revolving around blue, green and purple – including most gray hues.

There’s no right or wrong in choosing warm or cool colors. The choice depends on the effect you want to achieve. Warm colors are considered to be stimulating, and convey action and vitality. Cool colors, on the other hand, are considered to be tranquil, and have a calming effect.

Whether you choose to work only with cool or warm colors depends on your brand identity and on the atmosphere you want to create on your site. Of course, combining warm with cool is also a possibility.

Successful color combinations follow a set of color schemes, most of which are based on the position of the colors on the wheel itself. For instance:
Complementary Scheme: This formula takes two colors that are positioned exactly opposite from each other on the color wheel, like red with green, or yellow and purple. Using two contrasting colors together makes your design more lively. To create a full scheme, add a neutral color to the complementary duo. Beige, light browns, light grays, black or white.

Analogous Scheme: In this formula, you’ll use three colors that are adjacent to each other on the wheel, like orange, yellow-orange and yellow, or purple, purple-blue and blue. Any three colors that sit next to each on the wheel harmonize well, because of their closeness.

Color Triad: Ready to use some geometry? The color triad scheme takes any three colors on the wheel that are of an equal distance from each other, forming a perfect equilateral triangle. Possible combinations would be yellow-green, orange-red and purple-blue, or yellow-orange, red-purple and blue-green. This scheme tends to be very vibrant. You’ll want to create a balance where one of the colors dominates, and the other two are supporting colors.

Split Complementary Scheme: With this formula, start by choosing one color, and adding the two colors that sit right next to its complementary color (creating an isosceles triangle). Possible combinations here would be red, yellow-green and blue-green, or purple, yellow-orange and yellow-green. This scheme offers a refined contrast, one that isn’t quite so bold as the regular complementary one.

Tetradic Scheme: Here you will be forming a scheme from two pairs of complementary colors, making a rectangle on your wheel. For instance, you could combine yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-purple and red-purple. This scheme is particularly rich. You don’t want color-chaos on your website, so pick one color to set the tone, and the rest to add a nuance.

Monochromatic Scheme: As the name implies, this scheme utilizes different hues of the same color. You could use a wide spectrum that includes the darkest and lightest hues of that color or narrow it down by using the tones around either the dark or the light area. Monochromatic color schemes have a clean and minimalist visual impact...
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Being a talented blogger is not sufficient to guarantee that more number of people would visit your blog and find it interesting. Thus making a blog appear attractive and interesting is not very easy task to do. A blog that has its unique identity from its counter blogs, stand greater chances of being noticed and getting more attention. Those desirous of creating a niche for their blog have to design their web blog very attractive and elegant. There are certain tips and techniques that can be followed for gaining maximum advantage through your blog.

Instead of making a blog complex keep it simple which is easy to understand and navigate. For this hard work and insight is needed to design a blog which is simple yet attractive. If you have just started blogging than avoid any experiment with the navigation system and play safe otherwise it can lead to negative results. So the blog structure should be kept straightforward and simple.

Pay attention to the color schemes you select for your blog as it should be pleasing for visitors' eyes yet modern in overall look. Bright colors might attract anyone for few seconds but not for long, therefore select colors that are soft and sober. It would lead the visitors to spend more time on your blog which is an added benefit.

Content should be written in proper fonts. Avoid using fancy fonts as it would not be comfortable for the readers to read the content in such format. Mostly people who like to read or want some information would come to your blog and they expect quality presented in simplicity rather than flashy fonts. If the fonts are not read easily then the visitors might quit your website.

Use the white space carefully in your website as it influences the overall look of the web page. It shifts the attention of the readers to other element other than your main content, so use it with utmost care.

Put in relevant images along with the text you post on the blog. Only text on a web page makes it look boring and stagnant. Ask your web designer to put in some interesting and appealing images that are in connection with the content you post. It adds spice to a blog and gives visual element of interest. Thus creating a blog with perfect web design can make it successful among the niche audiences.

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