5 days of life as a Junior Graphic Designer living in London - filmed March 2015

ALSO I only noticed after I'd uploaded it, but I'm wearing the same outfit Monday and Friday... because Friday is actually the next Tuesday if that makes sense? Maybe the Friday was too stressful or I forgot to film, I can't remember!



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Parichay Hinglish Mein:

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Many people believe that they must spend a lot of money in order to attain beautiful designs for the home. It does not always have to cost a lot. Many designs look expensive but cost very little.

If you are having a design problem but you do not want to face it because of the expenses you will incur, worry no more. The following tips will help you to achieve the design that you crave without breaking the bank.

Start with a budget and spend it with care. This is necessary for you to have control over your spending. You have to be specific with how much you are going to spend on the entire decorating process. You should also plan for where the bulk of your budget will go. Are you going to be out the cost of a new paint job, or get new contemporary wall hangings or metal wall art instead? You might want to consider choosing a tree wall hanging instead.

Become familiar with various wall treatments that are available. What you do with the wall will affect how the whole room looks. There are a diversity of cheap ways to deal with your wall. Aside from new decor, you can use wallpapers. If you don't like that notion you can always paint patterns or stripes on the wall. This is cheaper than painting the entire wall; it makes the wall more interesting too.

Work with things you already own. You do not have to buy new stuff each time you make decorative changes. As a matter of fact it is often the best idea to work with furniture you already own. Unless, of course, it is damaged. There are several ways to work with your current furnishings. Rearranging them differently is a choice. If you are unhappy with it, there is always a better way to organize them. There are also inexpensive trick to change how it looks. Add a slipcover to a seat for an immediate makeover. You can also make a noticeable change by staining metal frames or wooden shelves. You might also scavenge for items in your attic or garage. You probably have useful items there that you can use in room. See if you have few rods you can use to hang the drapes. Maybe you have some old chairs that you might put to use in the living room. Check what you have first before you allocate your budget.

Create items in lieu of purchasing them. Shopping for raw materials and creating something from those is less expensive than purchasing ready-made items. Possible pieces that you can do by yourself are curtains, pillow cases, simple wooden shelves, or even your own hand hammered copper sculptures] simple wooden shelves, pillowcases, curtains, and your own hand-hammered copper wall art.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to have an attractive interior. Work with a budget and do not spend more than what you are willing to shell out. Check online, you will find best deals for discount home decor. You can add those to the items you already have. Remember, attractive does not necessarily mean that you have to spend more.

Every homeowner wants to have attractive interior decor. Many individuals feel that they cannot attain that without hurting their budgets and finances. The truth is we are incorrect. Many great designs do not cost as much as we thought. When we learn how to do it, we will be steps away from attaining the attractive interior we always dreamed of.

Carmen Overly is a writer for "". Check our site to find your unique metal artwork and contemporary wall hangings.

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