What Do You Want a Blog For?

People have many reasons for starting their blogs.

They may want to:

1. Discuss their hobby
2. Show some examples of what they produce
3. Share some ideas or techniques which they have developed or found useful and connect with other people that enjoy the same interest.
4. Create a blog to share with distant friends and family members. These blogs take the place, to some extent, of posted letters. They have the advantage of the news being shared much faster on an Internet blog than it would be if it was sent by mail. You can add photos of a trip or a new arrival - a pet or a baby!
5. Create a blog which shares and explains your religious beliefs or other views
6. Make a blog to promote your business or services; you can add pictures of your products and links to your main website.
7. Use your blog to promote a cause, a person you admire or almost anything else.

Another great advantage of communicating through your blog is that you can draw the interest of people and organizations around the world. Sharing ideas will take on a whole new meaning!

The cost of having a blog, or even several, can be very low.

It does not take much time to set up and even less to add a new Post every few days. But, I recommend that you do add at least a Post each week so that your visitors know that you will have new material for them to enjoy if they return to your Blog.

Writing a few posts for your blog is good practice for other kinds of writing and great mental exercise. And, you don't need to have any particular skill with words - people read your blog to learn about you as well as the topic which you write about.

If you have always wanted to write a book, use your blog to develop your personal writing style. You could put short pieces that you have written, complete stories or even new chapters of your book for the readers' enjoyment and to get some feedback.

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The Sweet Shop NYC: Ms. Candy Blog's Candy Store Visit

If you're looking for candy and fun in New York City, check out The Sweet Shop NYC on New York's Upper East Side. It is truly an experience! Kelly the Candyman takes us on a tour of "where the good stuff is": candy, ice cream, toys, amusement and fun! Go visit The Sweet Shop NYC and let them know Ms. Candy Blog sent you!

So we are here at The Sweet Shop NYC and we are here with Kelly the Candyman with a little bit about the store and its origins. About 2 years ago, after years of saying where can you get ice cream and candy late at night on the Upper East Side, we decided to build our own shop. 2 years finding the space and taking the background of my wife being a designer, we decided to make it a fun place. With my background in amusements--my grandmother worked for Walt Disney, I worked for Knott's Berry Farm--we wanted to bring an emotional spark to people, we don't just sell candy; we sell fun and great candy and ice cream come along with it.

One of the first things we purchased for the store was a Carmen Miranda head and she's filled with the unicorn lollipops and we put the Chunkys on there.

There are several sections to the store and we're going to go around to each. How did you go about each section? The first section is little sweedies, all natural swedish candy. We took our likenesses as children and had them made into a logo. You get an old fashion candy bag, a clean scoop that half of New York hasn't touched, and you get to mix and match your candy. People love to personalize your bag for gifts.

Kelly the Candyman's favorites include the exclusive Sweet Shop NYC butter crunch which they've made ice cream into it; Luxardo cherries; sour skulls from the Little Sweedies collection; bacon candy; LaDiDas made by Whimsical Candy; JoMart chocolate's Jakewich; and Bacon Bites' Bacon Twinkie; with Raka vegan chocolate.

404 East 73rd Street
Between 1st & York Avenue
New York, NY 10021

Visit was done without compensation.

The MsCandyBlog YouTube channel features candy reviews, candy hauls and candy store vists, plus candy fashion, style & beauty! What do you want to see on MsCandyBlog's YouTube channel? Let us know in the comments and SUBSCRIBE!

Subscribe: http://goo.gl/0uqXsW

MsCandyBlog.com is a blog about all things candy for those who love fashion & beauty. "Where candy is always in vogue!" Visit us at mscandyblog.com and across social media!

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/mscandyblog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mscandyblog
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mscandyblog
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mscandyblog
G+: google.com/+Mscandyblog

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